Saturday, August 11, 2007

Where's GOP Straw Boss?

This is the final Straw... at least it should be.

All the hype, all the money, all the bus fumes wafting from the parking lot.... for what?

Most of the major players... Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, and the unannounced Fred Thompson... didn't pay to play. The turnout didn't turn out for the GOP Straw Poll in Ames, posting a measly 14,302 vote tally today.

The prediction two weeks ago of 40,000, was reduced before the event to 30,000..... not even close.

The final indignity, or perhaps irony, the voter-distrusted electronic machines "had difficulty" and the somewhat breathless main-stream media was left, and left, and left in front of the deadline altar for ninety minutes.

Now at last, however, it can be announced.... the winner as expected after investing millions of dollars and months of effort.... Mitt Romney with 4516 votes, or 31.5 percent.

In a close tussle for second, Mike Huckabee 2587, and, Sam Brownback third with 2192 votes.

Nipping at their heels in fourth place, Tom Tancredo who garnered 1961 votes, while the fifth place Ron Paul showing was a disappointing 1305 tally.

Wisconsin's Tommy Thompson, who vowed to quit if he didn't place high, may be the first to bow out of the competition after his 1039 sixth-place finish.

The numbers plummet from there... 7th Fred Thompson 203, 8th Rudy Giuliani 183, 9th Duncan Hunter 174, 10th John McCain 101, and 11th John Cox with 41 votes.

The GOP must be in a cold panic after the lukewarm showing in hot Iowa..... and, they must be asking of their there no there, there? No candidate to set a fire in party bellies?

Romney's expensive win, instead of having the ring of success, seems instead to toll for a GOP brought low by Boy George and his nasty neocons.

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