Wednesday, August 22, 2007

"W" Stands for Wimpy

Evidently "Darth" Cheney took The Decider to the neocon woodshed.

Just one day after his comments at the North American summit where he expressed disappointment at Iraqi Prime Minister al-Maliki's lack of political progress, now "Bush Offers Support for Embattled Iraqi Leader." (WaPo)

Gone is Bush's common-sense approach to Maliki's political failures.... "If the government doesn't respond to the demands of the people, they will replace the government".... a fate undoubtedly awaiting the GOP next November.

Instead, in an about-face today, Bush fell into line and saluted the Maliki flag, terming him a "good man with a difficult job, and I support him."

Maliki, evidently determined to bite the hand that feeds him, today snapped at his U.S. critics after his three-day visit to Syria, "No one has the right to place timetables on the Iraq government. It was elected by the people..... We care for our people and our constitution and can find friends elsewhere." Like Iran or Syria?

In case there was ever any question, The Decider is definitely not the swaggering cowboy taking on the international bullies.... Mexico's presidents push him around, thumbing their nose at our immigration laws, dumping their destitute and criminal population into our lap.

And now Maliki.... who last year flippantly stood up The Decider for dinner.... is slapping around the United States as we pour our lifeblood and hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars into Iraq to prop up his pitiful government.

Our Cheney-puppet president is allowing ugly comments from the forked tongue of a double-dealer like Maliki to go unanswered. And worse, plays up to him as a "good guy."

Maybe The Decider needs to remove himself to a shelter for battered leaders. He's no longer able to stand up for himself, or for our scorned country.

Congress.... it's time for an intervention.

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