Monday, August 13, 2007

Rove is Beached

There is something off about the out-of-the-blue announcement of the departure of Bush's "brain," Karl Rove.

Rove likes to cast himself as the GOP's "Moby Dick".... the favorite target of Democrats who he says are "after me." "Rove: Departure Unrelated to Investigations" (WaPo) is how he likes to frame his departure. He doesn't want to leave the impression that he was chased out of town with the posse on his heels.

Still, the announcement and hastily-called press conference today in front of the president's departing helicopter seemed awkward. As the joke goes about guests who have over-stayed their welcome, "here's your hat and coat, what's the rush." It felt like that.

When Rove departs the White House at the end of the month, the loudest sigh of relief won't come from Democrats who accuse him of many devious and untoward things, but from a GOP anxious to turn the page on the sullied record of this administration and its enablers.

Rove was Bush's political brain who engineered for his buddy two terms as the governor of Texas, and then two terms as president. But count the cost.

He wasn't able to engineer for Bush a shining legacy, or public approval above abysmal.... nor, to build a powerful Republican party which instead he now leaves in a shambles.

Will he join another campaign? Maybe. But probably not publicly.

In the end, Bush's "Turd Blossom" was harpooned by his own hand. Few will be sorry to see him go.

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