Thursday, August 23, 2007

Maliki a Dangerous Scapegoat

Today's Washington Post editorial asks, is Iraqi's Shiite Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki an "Easy Scapegoat"?

Seems so. But Maliki's cozying up to Shiite Iran and Syria asks a more disturbing question. Is Maliki an honest but ineffectual partner in Iraq, or a dangerous tool of neighboring countries waiting to gobble up Iraq while the Bush administration neocons flail around looking for a saleable political excuse to be there in the first place.

The bratty Maliki threatens the Bush administration that Iraq can "find friends elsewhere,"..... and, after his visit with madman Ahmadinejad in Iran crowed that "he appreciated Iran's positive and constructive stance on Iraq."

Maliki even threw a fit and insisted on the removal of U.S. commander Gen. Petraeus, and threatened to launch Shiite forces against our troops because of the General's "neighborhood watch" approach of utilizing local Sunni forces against al Qaeda.

The Decider's response to Maliki's outrageous behavior was to tell him to "calm down," and publicly refer to him as a "good guy." A good guy!

In a CNN report yesterday, front-line U.S. Generals in Iraq openly questioned whether democracy can be the goal in Iraq, one of the Bush administration's ever-changing justifications for the invasion of Iraq, and the need for Maliki's power-grabbing "democratic" government.

And, in a devastating blow to the Bush justification campaign, the Iraq national intelligence assessment to be released today questions whether or not Maliki is up to the job.

Seems as though the recently-hyped progress estimate on an Iraq led by "good guy" Maliki has evidently been a calculated attempt by the White House to blunt the negative assessments of both our mission in Iraq, and Maliki's leadership.

But, in the fairytale being woven to salvage the Bush legacy, the White House will need a scapegoat.... why else keep the two-faced Maliki around?

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