Friday, August 17, 2007

Gonzo's Caught Out

So, who to believe?

Notes taken at the time of the incident by the then Director of the FBI Mueller.

Or, the word of Gonzo, the Bush administration's political bag man now masquerading as Attorney General.

In "FBI Director's Notes Contradict Gonzales's Version of Ashcroft Visit," the clash of stories unfolds. Gonzo told the Senate Judiciary Committee about his nighttime visit to the sickroom of Attorney General Ashcroft, that Ashcroft was "lucid" and "did most of the talking."

However, the notes of Mueller.... who was called by an upset Deputy Attorney General Comey to come to Ashcroft's hospital room and observe for himself that Ashcroft wasn't up to the kind of pressure being applied by the White House over the wiretapping program.... tell a far different story.

To quote from Mueller's notes: "Wednesday 3/10/04 @2010: Saw AG. Janet Ashcroft in the room. AG in chair; is feeble, barely articulate, clearly stressed."

These words were written just minutes after Gonzo and White House Chief of Staff Card had visited Ashcroft to try to get him to sign a certification that would overturn the Justice Department's decision not to approve the continuation of the wiretapping program in its present form.

While this despicable behavior is bad enough, it's this sentence in WaPo's story that really sums up this arrogant administration.... "After the meeting concluded without success, the Bush administration decided to proceed with the program anyway."

If it hadn't been for the fact that Comey, Mueller and half a dozen other Justice Department officials threatened to resign if changes weren't made that.... "President Bush agreed to make the changes, Mueller and others have testified, but the changes have never been described."

As always with this deceitfully willful White House, the ends justify the means. And the ends are whatever The Decider says they are.

That is why the self-serving utterances issuing from the lackeys in this administration are to be rejected.... and the lying Gonzo should follow Bush's "Turd Blossom" Rove out the door.

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