Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Craig: "Spend Time With Your Family"

After making what could be termed an almost comical Freudian slip, Sen. Larry "Wide Stance" Craig welcomed those attending his news conference yesterday by saying he was glad they "all came out," and then went on.... "Idaho Senator Asserts: 'I Never Have Been Gay'. " (WaPo)

Craig just doesn't get it.

His "crime" isn't that he may be gay, or the hypocrisy of his ultra-conservative senate gay-bashing career..... no, his crime is that he was arrested for lewd behavior in a public men's restroom, and.... if the article in The Idaho Statesman is correct.... it wasn't the first time he sought gay sex in a public restroom.

And, it's more than just investigative reporting about past incidents in his home state newspaper. The video replayed last night on MSNBC's Chris Matthews Hard Ball of Craig in 1999 calling then President Clinton a "nasty bad naughty boy" is more than creepy. His inflections and demeanor are, well.... salacious.

Craig has already pleaded "guilty" to the Minnesota ugliness. Now, we need "Wide Stance".... his explanation for his foot wandering into the stall of the undercover cop.... to give the U.S. Senate a wide berth and resign.

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