Sunday, July 01, 2007

Speak Out America!

Congressman James McDermott (D-Wash.), speaking June 28 from the floor of the House, now joining with an expanding number of other lawmakers, told Vice President Dick Cheney to "resign or face impeachment".

McDermott said, "The Vice President holds himself above the law and it is time for Congress to enforce the law,"....."Why debate, when you can dictate? Why follow the law, when you can act like you are above the law"......"(Cheney) holds himself accountable to no one"......"I have seen the Vice President repeatedly drive our nation into increasingly dire situations, in Iraq, in Iran, and within our own country as he tramples over the Constitution like it is a doormat."

Americans wake up, be heartened!!!.....all who have become rock-bottom disaffected with the Bush administration's dishonesty and secrecy over the past six years. This is what can be done.

The U.S. Congress has a duty to watch over the health and integrity of our nation and the public has that same duty. We all have cowered and remained silent too long about the destructiveness brought by this administration.

Rep. McDermott admonished in his speech from the House floor, "The intent of this administration, and this vice president, has been to silence all dissent,"...."Fear is what (has) kept this administration in office"....."fear is the only public discourse this administration understands — and practices."

Congress needs to hear the will of the people and to feel our support NOW! Cheney will neither resign or be impeached (Bush will be next) unless the American public places demands on our Congressional leaders to take swift and appropriate action!

By Guest Contributor

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