Sunday, July 15, 2007

Kristol: "Heck of a job, Georgie"

William Kristol is busy rewriting history even before the history is made.

This ultra-neoconservative friend of George is predicting.... "Why Bush Will Be A Winner." He wisely tries to defuse the obvious eye-rolling over his assertion that "Bush's presidency will probably be a successful one" by admitting up front that with this prediction he'll merely expose himself to "harmless ridicule."

So, I'll not say the obvious things like, it must be time to renew Kristol's prescription, and just stick to his three justifications.

1) Kristol posits that there has been no second terrorist attack on U.S. soil. This is something with our borders gushing unknown and untracked illegals that is just dumb luck, luck which evidently is about to end. According to the "gut feel" statement from the chief of Homeland Security.... his gut is rumbling that we may have an attack this summer. How many billions did this high tech and professional assessment cost? Feeling safer?

2) Kristol's next point shows the airy heights of his ivory tower... we now have "a strong economy." Not for the average Joe working two jobs, or the new slave labor class.... but hey, corporations are loving it. And, by the way, tried to sell your house lately?

Oh, and China loves it too, owns most of the U.S. now. Kristol even sees an upside to our budget deficit.... "it's lower than it was in 2003".... but he avoids mentioning that the world is using the plunging dollar for wallpaper.

3) The third argument is so obviously pie-in-the-sky it's embarrassing.... to quote: "... a war in Iraq that has been very difficult, but where - despite some confusion engendered by an almost meaningless 'benchmark' report last week - we now seem to be on course to a successful conclusion." Really, this obvious first draft of the rewrite of Bush's legacy needs no comment from me although this fairy tale should start, "Once upon a time there was a wise King George...."

Read Kristol's entire opinion piece, judge for yourself if you agree with him that "Apart from Iraq, there has been less of it [terrorism], here and abroad, than many experts had predicted... The war in Afghanistan has gone reasonably well."

Or, this from Kristol's own nibbed pen.... "Following through to secure the victory in Iraq and to extend its benefits to neighboring countries will be the task of the next president."

Kristol's next article will be on the proposition that pigs do fly.

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