Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It's Still "Stay the Course"

One can just imagine Dicko Cheney bucking up George, telling him he must be "resolute." It's so easy for Dicko to manipulate George's megalomaniac vision of his destiny.

That is why it is well to heed Eugene Robinson's note of caution about George of Arabia's willingness to take a sane approach to the tragic war in Iraq.... "Resolute Amid the Wreckage." (WaPo)

After all, White House spokesman Tony Snow told us just yesterday where George's presidential advisers are coming from.... "There is no debate right now on withdrawing forces right now from Iraq."

So, the public may be debating, the media may be debating, the Senate may be debating.... but George has gone bike riding.

Oh, George will tell us about a new plan, maybe even a draw down to the levels before the surge, or shuffle the troops that are on deck.... but, listen to what Snow also said.... "The conversation is always about what do you do to succeed in Iraq."

"Being 'resolute' is all that matters."

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