Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Den of Thieves

In written testimony today, Attorney General "Sly" Gonzales has vowed to the Senate Judiciary Committee that he would stay on and "fix the problems" in his politicized Justice Department.... the fox wants to whitewash the hen house.

Of course, the real reasons are alarmingly transparent.... to continue enforcing The Decider's law- unto-himself political agenda, and give the White House a legal shield from congressional oversight.

Currently the White House is heading for a legal showdown with the House Judiciary Committee over contempt citations for chief of staff John Bolten and former counsel Harriet Miers.

They both have refused congressional demands that they testify on the U.S. Attorney firings, and Bush has invoked for them his blanket avoidance-of-accountability maneuver.... executive privilege.

As recounted in "House Panel Nears A Legal Clash With Bush Over Firings, Gonzales to Tell Senators He Will Not Quit," (WaPo) the White House arrogantly asserted last week that it will not allow the Justice Department to prosecute executive branch officials for being in contempt of Congress.

How cozy. The fox is whitewashing the hen house while the skunks are stealing the eggs.

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