Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Gonzales Must Go

It's no longer a question of if Attorney General Gonzales is The Decider's political enforcer, it is now a question of degree.

The more abuses of power the now Democratically-controlled Hill uncovers, the more breathtaking the scope.... and sheer brass.... of the Justice Department's trampling of the Constitution to further The Decider's political agenda.

In "Mr. Gonzales's Inattention" (WaPo) we learn of the latest outrage on the heels of the ousting of eight U.S. attorneys for not implementing White House political vendettas. In late April 2005, Gonzales testified before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, which was considering reauthorization of the USA Patriot Act, that "there has not been one verified case of civil liberties abuse" under the Act.

Gonzales gave this testimony despite the fact, it was learned yesterday, that earlier that year "Gonzales was sent several documents.... outlining FBI mistakes or abuses concerning national security letters and other intelligence-gathering tools."

And, this year the inspector general sent another report to Gonzales about a significant increase in FBI violations in the use of national security letters.

Gonzales is the picture of innocence.... he is "surprised" about the reports, which he says he knew nothing about (the dog ate his homework); and "upset" about what was revealed in the reports.

Once again Gonzales has been caught not doing, or not wanting to do, his job.... and, misleading and obstructing congressional oversight.

Isn't it now obvious to even the most biased or partisan observer, that this White House's attitude about their Machiavellian power grab in every direction is.... catch them if you can.

And, if you do, the smirks tell you the "cops" are in their pocket.

These are your freedoms and civil rights they are stealing.... get mad!

Demand that Attorney Venal Gonzales must go!


Anonymous said...

i am one of the many victms.
homless disbled multi discimination issues 8 + years homless fhoe wont investigate most discrim.
no hlep and now 3rd agency housing authority with issues this one been in hud non colmplince sicne 20022 burt assured byhud no problem.
we suffer ,we die.
doj never answers emails, requests fro help
doj not responsivble fro advice
anyone inthe country responsible or accountable fro anything?
homlessness prograsm now mostly all to clean up adcits and disbeld either hopsital or left outin the road.
notice you see more nad more canes walkers scorrters wheel cahirs inthe road less drunks and drugs ..
the agressive addcits still beg, but they are shlterd housed. casue they are easy.

when dual hud/va program gave 10 of 12 womens beds to men.. hud said we dont care what they do with the money... and you ahave to o many medical conditons.
turns out that sepreate dept shares that phone line with fheo. had i known wouldnt have wasted the pre paid cell time.
doj wont help.
the current adminsitraiton while they cant just erase ever law to help those in need has selelcted heads of agencies who will not comply with the laws. as requested.
and with budget cuts too even the funded elgal services dont do homless or hosuign vocuher discrimination and assitance. anywhere.
i lose last voucher attempt in 8 years nad then no hope ever.
any help. out there
or is there only one permenant way out of this new mean america?.

Truth Hunter said...

MacDoodle, I'm very sorry to hear of your situation, but sadly not surprised.

Don't give up hope, we'll get rid of the incompetents running the country in November 2008.

Have you asked your state's U.S. Senators for help? They may be able to steer you to someone who can cut some of the red tape.

Stay involved, and, thanks for commenting.