Friday, July 06, 2007

The Gift That Keeps Giving

It wasn't the birthday present he wanted. "Key GOP Senator Breaks With Bush."

Today, as The Decider turns 61....SURPRISE!.... Republican party loyalist and former staunch supporter of the Iraq war, Sen. Pete Domenici (NM) called for an "immediate change in U.S. strategy that could end combat operations by spring." (WaPo)

He joins powerful Republican defectors Sen. Richard Lugar (R-IN), the leading Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, who declared that the "current path" in U.S. Iraq policy is not acceptable; Sen. John W. Warner (R-VA), the former chairman of the Armed Services Committee, who praised Lugar's speech; and Sen. George Voinovich (OH) who sent The Decider a letter calling for withdrawing the troops.

These mutineers are scrambling to get ahead of the wave of citizen protest that is swamping the White House, attempting to outmaneuver Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) who plans proposals to cut off funding and set a firm withdrawal date.

In the meantime, Sen. Ken Salazar (D-CO) introduced a Iraq Study Group measure, and Domenici has already endorsed that proposal along with ten other co-sponsors including six Republicans.

It appears the Senate may at last commute the open-ended Iraq sentence imposed on America by The Decider .... SURPRISE!, our troops will start coming home!


elgringocolombiano said...

This is good news about ReThugs Congress folks wanting to leave Iraq, but since the Decider/Cheney don't understand the concept of law, do they have a way to override or just ignore what a veto-proof Senate/House Bill?

Truth Hunter said...

elgringocolombiano... If the bill is veto proof, i.e. 60 votes, then Bush could delay with a veto but couldn't ignore the bill when it passed over his veto.

However, you bring up an interesting thought. Perhaps there would be another "terrorist incident" that would change the picture, a la "Wag the Dog." Iran would be a likely scenario.

With this crooked bunch in the White House, anything is possible.