Saturday, July 07, 2007

Blue Marble Rocks!

It's really hard to understand why global warming naysayers are so adamantly opposed to efforts to increase environmental awareness.

Even if the effect of man on global warming is minimal, what's the harm in conserving energy and helping to preserve our "Big Blue Marble."

It really doesn't make sense.... unless those naysayers are beholden to the polluters like big oil. Even so, don't they have their own children and grandchildren's future best interests to think about? Why not do our best for them?

Why vilify Al Gore and his worldwide crusade to do something about man's contribution to global warming.... why not just relax and enjoy his Live Earth concert series today.

After many setbacks to find a venue in D.C., including the GOP blocking attempts to have the concert on the Capitol grounds calling it a "partisan political event," Gore has now had the last, and very fitting, laugh.

The D.C. venue will be the National Museum of the American Indian... where and who better to appreciate and try to preserve Mother Earth.... featuring performances by Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood and many Native American groups including the Blues Nation from Oklahoma.

So, on this very hot summer day.... kick back, and be entertained by the likes of Kelly Clarkson, Alicia Keys, Keith Urban, Kanye West and Bon Jovi (New Jersey); Madonna, Genesis, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters and Beastie Boys (London); and, many others from concerts in places like Tokyo, Shanghai, Berlin, Johannesburg, Rio de Janeiro, and Sydney.

Tune into Bravo all day, NBC tonight, or webcasts at


Pumps said...

Grandpa lived "green"...During WWII
we recycled everything...The only
thing not rationed came from your
Victory Garden....Mr. Gore and his
generation caused today's "carbon
footprint" so let him try to fix
it with their money not mine...
Do you know that in order to have
a "zero impact" carbon footprint
is to die....So let them, as
mentioned on the Today Show this
morning, give up two lattes a day
and send the $500 a year to some
con artist who SAYS he will plant
a tree somewhere in the world so
you do not feel guilty about not
doing your "bit"....What a
swindle.... said...

So pumps,
Where do you live?
Have you been hit by a natural
disaster, yet????
Floods in Texas, Ok; Heat waves
in LA, Phoenix; Tornadoes all
winter and spring in midwest;
drought in Alabama, NW FL...hurricane season ahead of us;
why don't you spend a little of
your dough helping out these
global warming refugees...who can
no longer support our economy..
you know pay our
$12billion/month Iraq "surge"
to control Iraqi oil.
Pumps, on behalf of our progreny...Evolve. Be a help,
not a hindrance.

Pumps said...

Sil, must admit I have never been
hit by a natural disaster but I
did WORK IN ONE....We got orders
to stop our pumping and evacuate
prior to the dam breaking....
However the beavers did their job
up stream, the dam held and I
dumped the river water out of my
fire boots.....RE: New Orleans,
just check out the Times-Picayune
daily, like I do....Nagin and
Blanco have everything the way they
want it, but the William Jefferson
empire if "folding up"....His bro
Mose's ex-girlfriend is going to
"roll over" to the feds.....FACT:
Life Earth superstars are flying
222,625 miles for their appearances
(a little use of aviation fuel I
imagine)..All carbon credit money
is going to plant trees in
Mozambique...I rather buy beer with