Monday, June 25, 2007

Supremes Weaken Wall

The protective wall of separation between Church and State took a big hit today.... "Court Bars Suits Against Faith-Based Initiatives." (WaPo)

The Supreme Court ruled that taxpayers cannot challenge the constitutionality of the White House faith-based initiative program that helps religious groups obtain government funding for their social programs.

The decision states that "ordinary taxpayers do not have standing" to make such a challenge.

Using the type of dodge that VP Cheney is using.... that he isn't a part of the Executive Branch of government and thus isn't accountable.... the White House winning argument was that taxpayers lacked standing because the faith-based initiatives office was not specifically funded by Congress.

By this lawyerly device, the intent of the Constitutions First Amendment.... that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion".... was set aside by five of the nine Supremes because the funds come "from Executive Branch appropriations."

In the dissenting opinion of Justice David Souter, he wrote that the ruling "closes the door on these taxpayers because the Executive Branch, and not the Legislative Branch, caused their injury.... I see no basis for this distinction in either logic or precedent...."

The Decider and Tricky Dick don't need logic, precedent, the Constitution or the rule of law.... they've taken on the power of dictators, and our Congress is too timid, or too culpable, to stand up to them.

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