Thursday, June 21, 2007

Saint George Marches On....

Our megalomaniac president yesterday decided for us all.... Saint George vetoed legislation to expand federally funded embryonic stem cell research leading to the creation of medically useful stem cells without destroying human embryos. (WaPo)

Parading not only his monumental ignorance, but his despotic moralism, Saint George preached that Congress had sent him legislation for "the deliberate destruction of human embryos."


Actually, by Saint George's slaying of this legislation, he insures that the donated, frozen embryos at fertility clinics will now be destroyed.... denying the benefit of the most promising forms of stem cell research to millions who suffer each day.


elgringocolombiano said...

hey TH, what's your take on Nader & Bloomberg talking about running as independents?

elgringocolombiano said...

TH, are you aware of any neutral Pres candidate informational site that meets some of my requirements that I explain here?

Truth Hunter said...

elgringocolombian.... Would that we could know everything about the candidates.... about the best one can do is follow the money.

In that respect, there already is an excellent site, Open Secrets at .

Insofar as Bloomberg and Nader are concerned.... I guess without Nader and his thousands of votes in FL in 2000, Gore would have been president and I firmly believe it would be a different.... and far better.... world right now. So for me, that makes it hard to look at Nader objectively.

As an anti-corporate candidate, Nader might appeal to some, but in the end, he won't get the press, or the money, and might once again take votes from a good Dem candidate.

Bloomberg is smart and rich so he might stir things up a bit. He is honeymooning Sen. Chuck Hagel of NE (VP?),however, who on the surface looks good, but upon closer inspection doesn't pass the smell test. (See my posts about Hagel.)

And, without an Independent congress, just how much could either Nader or Bloomberg accomplish of their agendas?

Like you, I don't have many answers, just lots of questions and a big wonder.... just why are Bush and congress so bent on dismantling our country.... plunging us into unsustainable debt while politicizing our judicial system and destroying the middle class?

Is there anyone as president who can undo all the damage? And, maybe even more important, who hasn't sold out to the corporations....

We'll all just have to keep digging and informing.