Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Pres. Cheney: Depends What "Is" Is

It was left to Tricky Dick's Chief of Staff, David Addington, to parse the argument for why his boss falls between all of the accountability cracks.

Here's Addington's spin.... "Given that the executive order treats the Vice President like the President rather than like an 'agency' it is not necessary in these circumstances to address the subject of any alternative reasoning, based on the law and the legislative functions of the vice presidency....." (WaPo)

Ummmmmm, think I get it. Since Tricky Dick actually is the President, the order doesn't apply.

Well, at least now it's out in the open.

Actually, this tortured "I"m outside the law" reasoning has already been rejected by the director of the National Archives Information and Security Oversight Office, William Leonard.

You go Leonard!


elgringocolombiano said...

Sup TH,

FYI, have you heard of Wes Clark Jr (son of the famous general Wes Clark)?

This guy is a substitute talk show host on The Young Turks the past few days. The guy is excellent & insightful. You can listen to show here

I posted about this on my blog in more detail. Let me know what you think.

elgringocolombiano said...

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