Thursday, June 14, 2007

Marching FOR America

The perfect audience for The Decider today. The Associated Builders and Contractors. Who better to pitch his pro-business immigration reform bill to than to those employing illegal aliens, and looking for a steady source of cheap labor.

This from the The Decider's remarks. "The number of illegal immigrants in our country has continued to grow. And illegal immigration is now supported by criminal enterprises. In other words, there are people who are preying on these folks that are coming to do work that Americans aren't doing. You've got a whole system of coyotes - those are smugglers - human smugglers taking advantage of a broken system."

Say WHAT! Doesn't The Decider feel any responsibility for his administration's failure to enforce our current laws? "These folks"?..... lawbreakers.

If we can't enforce the laws we now have, why will passing yet more laws change anything? No, The Decider has no will to enforce our laws.

There are no jobs U.S. citizens won't do if they are offered decent wages. Something corporations and this audience of fat cat builders are hoping to avoid. Taxpayers pick up the cost of the social net for the cheap labor from mainly Mexico. Corporations are profiting from this corporate welfare scheme.... of course they love the idea of millions of cheap workers.

But, some U.S. citizens have definitely caught on. Grass-roots advocates of tougher curbs on illegal aliens are rallying at the Washington Monument this week. And, I mean grass roots. The organizers are a former PTA mom from California, Melissa Gardner, and a homemaker from Texas, Suzanne Wise.

They decided to do something, "We want to take our country back from the crazy politicians who aren't listening to the citizens."

They pinpoint illegal immigration and border security as being at the heart of a constellation of concerns, from terrorism, rising crime rates and overstretched schools and hospitals, to the loss of jobs and cuts in pay, and the prevalence of Spanish on the radio, in restaurants, at job sites, even in the voting booth.

"All of this is adding up, and it's making America mad," Wise said.

Hear! Hear!

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