Friday, June 15, 2007

It's Back....!

I don't know which is worse.... Bush blackmailing the country by not protecting our southern border until we give amnesty to uncounted millions of illegal aliens, possibly 20 million or more.....

Or, the con offered to GOP Senators by The Decider's funding shell game.... under the "illegal immigrant fees raised" shell is $4.4 billion that will be used for bolstering border surveillance and workplace enforcement.

Hey Senate yokels.... what's changed? The fees were there anyway, where else would they have gone?

But, like the compliant special interests herd they have become, Senate leaders agreed last night to drag the immigration legislation back to the floor next week. Thus caving to pressure from business groups, illegal immigrant rights organizations, Roman Catholic leaders and el Presidente Bush's "let's all gather at the cantina" administration.

And, no one, least of all the White House, has yet to put an official price tag on this corporate welfare legislation which promises to run into the trillions.

No one is explaining how this new immigration scheme will be administered.

The departments of State and Homeland can't even administer their new passport requirements for travel to Canada, Mexico, Bermuda and the Caribbean.... the issuance of passports to U.S. citizens has become a huge logjam that has led thousands of travelers to alter or cancel their vacation plans.

Last week a Department of Homeland Security official said.... "individuals who have not yet applied for a passport should not expect to be accommodated."

Yes, the same folks who brought you the bloody chaos of the post-Iraq invasion, the new passport regulations fiasco, and the continuing inept response to hurricane Katrina, will now administer the bureaucratic tsunami that will wash over us with the proposed immigration scheme.

The untrustworthy are leading the uncomprehending into the unknown.

Your government at work.

Few are lobbying for the interests of U.S. citizens. So, you must tell your legislators "NO" to this costly, unworkable, and dangerous immigration bill.


Philip said...

A vote for amnesty will result in
12-20 million people IN YOUR FACE..

Anonymous said...

And these wonderful folks will bring in 60-80 million of their uneducated relatives to sit on our welfare, medical and social security benefits! Just what this country needs...wall to wall Tijuana!