Sunday, June 17, 2007

D.C.'s Mob Rule

This Father's Day many are still pondering the fate of David Chase's enigmatic father figure Tony Soprano.... Godfather, suburban father.... a welcomed distraction for reality-overloaded Americans.

Did Tony Soprano die in the fade-to-black last Sunday?

Who wants to know?

Well, not everyone. One not enamored with Tony and his family is a real mobster's widow, Victoria Gotti. "It's disgusting that people are still obsessed with Gotti and the mob. They should be obsessed with that mob in Washington. They have 3000 deaths on their hands."

Oh yes, the Washington mob isn't an ordinary bunch of gangsters. Even John Gotti's widow disdains the moral sewer of The Decider's administration. And, Tony and his crew seem like petty thieves by comparison.

Frank Rich of The New York Times brings this into focus in, "Scooter's Sopranos Go to the Mattresses."

"True, the Washington mob isn't as sexy as the Gotti or Soprano clans, but there is now a gripping nonfiction dramatization of its machinations available..... For this we can thank U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton" and, as Scooter Libby's presiding judge, for his "decision to make public the testimonials written to the court by members of the Washington establishment pleading that a criminal convicted on four felony counts be set free."

These Scooter excusers never acknowledge the undisputed fact that their hero leaked classified information about a covert C.I.A. officer.... whose husband was trying to shed light on Iraq's WMD Big Lie.... and, his lying repeatedly to mislead investigators.

Nor does there seem to be any shame in the hypocrisy of these same Scooter supporters who were a part of the baying pack relentlessly pursuing President Clinton and calling for his impeachment... over a farcical sexisode.

The Last Supper scenario in the final Sopranos was a masterful fictional ending.

The D.C. nightmare will yet live on as our soldiers still make the "ultimate sacrifice for this gang's hubristic folly."

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