Friday, June 29, 2007

D.C. Heard Our Roar!

This is what happens when arrogance and ambition combine with secrecy and an ideological "ends justify the means" mindset..... "Bush May Be Out of Chances For a Lasting Domestic Victory." (WaPo)

The Decider is dejected.... and has admitted defeat on his amnesty for illegal aliens initiative, a keystone for his North American Union scheme.

But, even in his admitted defeat, he still doesn't get it. Yesterday he opined, "A lot of us worked hard to see if we couldn't find a common ground.... it didn't work."

"A lot of us" was a small group of special interests manipulators and Bushistas in the Senate, pithily referred to by a disgusted Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) as "Masters of the Universe" for their secret and high-handed pursuit of immigration reform.

The Senate rejected the tactics of their Masters of the Universe.

And, the country has rejected the leadership of the president who crowned himself "The Decider."

The Decider lost our trust because in the pursuit of ideological policies without regard for the greater good of the country he plunged us into war and pursues it beyond reason....

Because he thumbed his nose at our national heritage and tried to legislate a cultural revolution....

Because he spent us into unsustainable debt without regard for the consequences for our country and future generations....

Because he has neglected our safeguards and made a shambles of the ability of our government to carry out its responsibilities....

And, because he politicized our justice system while grabbing unprecedented and unconstitutional powers for himself and his even eviler twin, Vice President Cheney.

So, what derailed this unprecedented abuse of power by our leadership?.... they finally went too far and roused the sleeping giant.... U. S. citizens.

And, for the next eighteen months, citizens must remain especially vigilant for more skulduggery from the White House and their Senate enablers.

We are the enraged U.S. electorate, and they have to deal with us now!

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Anonymous said...

In my opinion democrats are destroying the image of the us in the world.
I sincerely regret the attitude aimed at dividing the once so united americans. Please wash your dirty linen, if any, within the privacy of congress and not for the whole world to see,