Monday, June 25, 2007

D.C.... Get Out of the Way!

Forget the immigration reform hype from corporate toady King George, Sen.Ted Kennedy who wants to please the Pope, the Democratic party trying to appease dues-hungry unions (they used to be for the working U.S. citizen) and both parties pandering for votes from La Razaites.... here's how citizens really feel.... "Illegal Immigrants Targeted By States." (WaPo)

The White House and its congressional enablers by their anti-U.S. citizen attitude have rendered themselves irrelevant.... voters know what they want and it isn't amnesty for lawbreakers. People are fed up with power-hungry D.C. agendas, so state governments are taking action.

Potomac fever and arrogance have infected our so-called leaders. Voters have a cure for that.... November 2008.


elgringocolombiano said...

Sup TH,

IMHO it's best to always note that this is foremost an "illegal employer problem", moreso than an "illegal immigrant problem", word to Thom Hartmann.

If the hiring mgr & CEO had a "3 strikes & you're out" policy, of 1 yr PMITA prison time (pause), wheter Fortune500 or mom&pop small biz, American employers would stop hiring illegal immigrants, QUICKLY.

Demand drives supply in most economic matters, including the labor market. The solution is obvious, yet few if any senators will mention this. An obvious sign of how business owns most of both major parties. As the rapper Kweli said, who btw is more insightful than most lame no-talent editorial writers like Michael Barone "you try to vote & participate in the government, & the mf democrats are acting like republicans"

Also, any studies that show illegal immigrants have a net cost to society in benefits > taxes, it's a flawed premise. This is indicirect corporate welfare for the rich. If the illegal employee, or better yet a blue-collar citizen worker, had the same pay & benefits, they would not "cost the system money", as they would be earning enough.

Also the "La Raza" talk is problematic, as most latinos are US Citizens, not all of us are 1st generation illegal immigrants. The native american ancestors of many Southwestern Mexican-Americans "have been in this country" as long as anyone else. St Augustine, FL was the 1st Euro (Spaniards) colony in the US, that predates the Puritans & Plymouth Rock (Anglos).

Finally the 1% or less elite super-rich want various non-rich Americans vs "illegals" to "hate on each other" while ignoring them. I'm not advocating "amnesty for illegals". I am advocating that 90% of the "illegal problem" effort & money should be enforcing the law against the criminal illegal employers.

Truth Hunter said...

elgingocolombiano, Thanks for your thoughtful comments.

I thought it was obvious that I'm talking about illegal aliens, not immigrants.... I am married to an immigrant.

I agree it is partly an illegal employer problem....the bait.... but does this excuse the fact that those sneaking into our country are breaking the law?

How would someone fare who broke into Mexico. I think you know the plenalty would be severe. U.S. citizens have a right to expect that the process of immigration is an orderly process, to avoid criminals, terrorists, welfare abusers and just plain being overrun.

I agree, illegal immigrant labor is corporate welfare. And the taxpayers are left to pay the tab.

However, if employers were forced to pay decent wages, then U.S. citizens would step up. This is what should happen. I don't believe U.S. citizens should be forced out of the job market and/or see their wages go down, as is currently happening, because of the actions of lawbreakers, corporate or illegal immigrant.

I have little hope that either party in congress, or the White House, have the will to really go after employers.... they are bought and sold.

That is what is so encouraging about states taking a proactive stance.

La Raza is one of the more aggressive lobbyist organizations for the "rights" of illegal aliens. Your argument about early colonists makes my point.... the French were here early too, but that doesn't mean they have the rights of citizens.

No real progress can be made with the status of illegal aliens until our borders are secured.

With Bush that probably won't happen because corporations want a steady source of cheap labor, and he's just too happy meet their demands.

I wish I had answers.... I don't. But that doesn't mean I will let up on our representatives. The only way things will change is if they think their actions will cost them their jobs.... or better, yet, prison time.

Keep speaking out....

elgringocolombiano said...

TH, I asssumed "La Raza" was slang for "US Latinos", & not one particular political group you described. My bad.

I agree Americans can do the jobs. Lou Dobbs pointed out how states like Idaho & Maine have economies that function without illegal immigrants. Yes some items would go up in price, but OTOH there would be a stronger middle class & thus a bigger tax base.

I'm just saying the way to fight it is MOSTLY via penalizing employers. Eg hiring an illegal immigrant worker, for the 3rd time (if not 1st/2nd) = felony.

If hiring illegal workers was a felony, the vast majority would go back to their home country.

For reference, look that many current H1B, & former H1B-now US citizens, from India, have recently moved back to India, because in some cases the career opportunites are similar or superior now than in India vs the US.