Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bush Flops on Hill

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) summed up the reaction of GOP Senators after a Capitol luncheon meeting with The Decider who was re-selling his immigration amnesty legislation.... "It was a good give-and-take. We didn't expect anybody to stand up and holler that they had an epiphany."


If the remarks by Iowa's only GOP Senator, Charles Grassley, are a sample, it was far from an epiphany. Grassley said following the meeting that he will continue to oppose any legislation that includes amnesty, and that he "didn't think the meeting changed anybody's mind."

On Tuesday, Grassley and eight other GOP senators sent a letter to The Decider telling him to enforce the border security laws already approved by Congress, as that "is the best way to restore trust with the American people and facilitate future improvements of our immigration policy."

Grassley gets it.

So why won't The Decider just enforce current laws? Why is he so insistent on a "comprehensive" bill?

Ah, the Devil is in the details.

On page 211 of the draft immigration legislation: "Sense of Congress Regarding Partnership for Prosperity - It is the sense of Congress that the United States and Mexico should accelerate the implementation of the Partnership for Prosperity....."

This partnership was embarked upon by The Decider and Mexico's former president Fox without discussion with U.S. citizens or Congress, let alone approval. But, it's a critical cornerstone of The Decider's stealth plan for a North American Union. Obviously, he's willing to tear our national house down to hammer home this policy nail.

Hopefully, our elected representatives will continue to reject The Decider's schemes, or the voters will register their grand epiphany come November 2008!


Roofguy said...

'grand epiphany?' I guess Ms. Pelosi's Congress had better step on the gas since their approval rating is lower than President Bush.

Now, do you suppose Senator Grassley really wishes they would enforce the border laws, or is he just tweaking for tweaking sake President Bush.

Don't you wish our Representatives would try and find common ground, represent the people in their district, and stop with the childish actions. I for one am very weary of both parties acts.

Truth Hunter said...

Roofguy, I share your dismay at both parties.... there wouldn't be enough time to list all of the transgressions of the entire gaggle of posturers.

So, when someone takes an action with which I agree, however shallow or self-serving, I want to praise that action.

Let's face it, there is no common ground in DC because most are bought and sold by lobbyists and there isn't enough trust for common ground.

And the answer is.......?