Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Bag Man Cometh

"Heck of a job Nussie.... "

So impressed was The Decider with the record of former Iowa Rep. Jim Nussle's chairmanship of the House Budget Committee.... where he presided over turning a projected 10 year $5.6 trillion budget surplus into a $2.6 trillion deficit.... he picked Nussle for his new Director of the White House budget office, OMB. WaPo

Nussle's stunning rise to GOP prominence was because of the, on the bag.... er, in the bag.... well, he put a paper bag over his head when he spoke on the House floor in 1991 about "perk" abuses by the lawmakers, although prior to his speech Nussle was just one of the many members taking advantage of the franking perk.

Recognizing his gravitas regarding financial matters, Nussle's appointment as chairman of the House budget committee in 2001 was a slam dunk, and set the tone for the GOP pork barrel polka fest.

When making his announcement of his choice of Nussle as his budget point man, The Decider gushed over Nussle's dedication to fiscal conservatism.

Wonder who The Decider would consider a big spender?

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