Thursday, June 28, 2007

Foul Fowl Doesn't Fly

It's a bird...... no, it's a "clay pigeon"...

But, despite the arcane never-before-used-by-leadership tactic of the immigrant bill "clay pigeon" amendment, the bullying bellowing of Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass) for passage, and the support of GOP Bushistas....

Despite special interests pressure from business, church, unions and ethnic pro-amnesty groups.... armies of lobbyists, some of whom actually helped to write the bill....

Despite the accusing lie that those opposing this legislation are anti-immigrant, bigoted or worse....

Despite all of the senate toadys trying to steamroll passage of the anti-American immigration "reform" legislation....

That legislation is now a dead duck!

Blocked by a procedural vote on cloture. (WaPO)

Before today's vote, U.S. citizens spoke loud and clear.... flooding the Senate phones with their protests until they crashed the system.... they wanted no amnesty until we secure our borders.

So, Senators.... roll up your sleeves and figure out how to secure our borders and ports, and do it!

Go after employers hiring, attracting and exploiting illegal aliens!

Line up these ducks, restore some trust, and then perhaps the country will be ready to listen to your recommendations for the illegal aliens already in our country.


Anonymous said...

The nation has been delivered from a nightmare!
The most intelligent concept was stated by Senator Kit Bond of Missouri:
WORK PERMITS AND CITIZENSHIP ARE NOT INTERLINKED! Illegal aliens already here and desiring to work should be granted regulated work permits. No social programs that impact the U.S. taxpayer.
Citizenship is a totally different matter which must be pursued through normal channels.

Pumps said...

Just want to let you know that the
Mexicans, living in the shadows,
in the house across the street are
REALLY quiet tonight....No pinatas
or Corona....Pumps

Truth Hunter said...

Pumps, Actually, in my area there are citizens who have been thrown out of their jobs and replaced with low wage illegal aliens. They can't afford a beer.

Those in the shadows stepped into those shadows... they need to legally apply for citizenship just as generations before them have. We would welcome them.

Does Mexico have laws about those illegally crossing their border? You can bet they do.... so why would their citizens expect our country not to protect our borders? Especially after 9/11.