Saturday, June 30, 2007

"W" Doesn't Stand For Wisdom

"Bush Defends Military Buildup in Iraq" (WaPo) President Bush called for patience with his Iraq surge operations.... "we're seeing some hopeful signs."

"The great enemy of truth is very often not the lie... deliberate, contrived and dishonest... but the myth... persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. Belief in myths allows the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought." John F. Kennedy

"Six Members of Sunni Bloc Quit Iraq Cabinet in Protest" (WaPo) ... The Sunnis have a sense of alienation within Iraq's Shiite-dominated government. And, the "lack of progress on important legislation, coupled with the failure to reconcile with minority Sunnis, ranks among the greatest obstacles to stability in Iraq."

"In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved." Franklin Roosevelt

"Democrats Plan to Press GOP on Iraq" (WaPo) After the 4th of July break, Senate and House Democrats intend to demand greater accountability from Bush and the Iraqi government with binding troop-withdrawal timelines.... "they will offer weekly votes to force Republicans, and the president, to defend the war."

"Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president." Theodore Roosevelt.

"Bush Is Told to Justify Executive Privilege" (WaPo).... The White House invoked executive privilege to block the release of documents surrounding the firing of U. S. Attorneys. The chairmen of the House and Senate Judiciary committees accused the administration of a "veil of secrecy.... unprecedented and damaging to the tradition of open government."

"I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crises. The great point is to bring them the real facts." Abraham Lincoln

"Justices to Weigh Detainee Rights" (WaPo) Yesterday the Supreme Court reversed an earlier decision and will now consider whether Guantanamo Bay detainees have been "unfairly barred from the federal courts by the Bush Administration and Congress."

"...And there is distrust in Washington. I am surprised, frankly, at the amount of distrust that exists in this town. And I'm sorry it's the case, and I'll work hard to try to elevate it." George W. Bush

Friday, June 29, 2007

D.C. Heard Our Roar!

This is what happens when arrogance and ambition combine with secrecy and an ideological "ends justify the means" mindset..... "Bush May Be Out of Chances For a Lasting Domestic Victory." (WaPo)

The Decider is dejected.... and has admitted defeat on his amnesty for illegal aliens initiative, a keystone for his North American Union scheme.

But, even in his admitted defeat, he still doesn't get it. Yesterday he opined, "A lot of us worked hard to see if we couldn't find a common ground.... it didn't work."

"A lot of us" was a small group of special interests manipulators and Bushistas in the Senate, pithily referred to by a disgusted Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) as "Masters of the Universe" for their secret and high-handed pursuit of immigration reform.

The Senate rejected the tactics of their Masters of the Universe.

And, the country has rejected the leadership of the president who crowned himself "The Decider."

The Decider lost our trust because in the pursuit of ideological policies without regard for the greater good of the country he plunged us into war and pursues it beyond reason....

Because he thumbed his nose at our national heritage and tried to legislate a cultural revolution....

Because he spent us into unsustainable debt without regard for the consequences for our country and future generations....

Because he has neglected our safeguards and made a shambles of the ability of our government to carry out its responsibilities....

And, because he politicized our justice system while grabbing unprecedented and unconstitutional powers for himself and his even eviler twin, Vice President Cheney.

So, what derailed this unprecedented abuse of power by our leadership?.... they finally went too far and roused the sleeping giant.... U. S. citizens.

And, for the next eighteen months, citizens must remain especially vigilant for more skulduggery from the White House and their Senate enablers.

We are the enraged U.S. electorate, and they have to deal with us now!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Foul Fowl Doesn't Fly

It's a bird...... no, it's a "clay pigeon"...

But, despite the arcane never-before-used-by-leadership tactic of the immigrant bill "clay pigeon" amendment, the bullying bellowing of Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass) for passage, and the support of GOP Bushistas....

Despite special interests pressure from business, church, unions and ethnic pro-amnesty groups.... armies of lobbyists, some of whom actually helped to write the bill....

Despite the accusing lie that those opposing this legislation are anti-immigrant, bigoted or worse....

Despite all of the senate toadys trying to steamroll passage of the anti-American immigration "reform" legislation....

That legislation is now a dead duck!

Blocked by a procedural vote on cloture. (WaPO)

Before today's vote, U.S. citizens spoke loud and clear.... flooding the Senate phones with their protests until they crashed the system.... they wanted no amnesty until we secure our borders.

So, Senators.... roll up your sleeves and figure out how to secure our borders and ports, and do it!

Go after employers hiring, attracting and exploiting illegal aliens!

Line up these ducks, restore some trust, and then perhaps the country will be ready to listen to your recommendations for the illegal aliens already in our country.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Pres. Cheney: Depends What "Is" Is

It was left to Tricky Dick's Chief of Staff, David Addington, to parse the argument for why his boss falls between all of the accountability cracks.

Here's Addington's spin.... "Given that the executive order treats the Vice President like the President rather than like an 'agency' it is not necessary in these circumstances to address the subject of any alternative reasoning, based on the law and the legislative functions of the vice presidency....." (WaPo)

Ummmmmm, think I get it. Since Tricky Dick actually is the President, the order doesn't apply.

Well, at least now it's out in the open.

Actually, this tortured "I"m outside the law" reasoning has already been rejected by the director of the National Archives Information and Security Oversight Office, William Leonard.

You go Leonard!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bush Bandwagon Loses Steam

There's good news.... and since good news is about as rare these days as a non-political Justice Department decision, we'll run with it.

There are a few U.S. Senators who are well-respected by other U.S. Senators, and Richard Lugar (R-IN) is one of them. Up until now, he's been in lockstep with The Decider on the Iraq War. Well, he's now broken ranks. He says the Iraq plan is not working. (WaPo)

And, rather than wait for the stalling September date to hear once again that the administration is going to "stay the course," yesterday Lugar announced on the Senate floor: "In my judgment, the costs and risks of continuing down the current path outweigh the potential benefits that might be achieved..... Persisting indefinitely with the surge strategy will delay policy adjustments that have a better chance of protecting our vital interests over the long term"

Although lauding Lugar's change of heart, in a transparent attempt to look in charge of events, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) plans to force votes on several anti-war proposals although they are expected to fall short of the 60 votes needed.

He thinks that is what frustrated voters want. It isn't. Such voter pandering only keeps the Senate polarized and sends moderate voices scurrying back to party safety.

Instead, the next step should be to get other influential Iraq war voices like Sen. John Warner (R-VA) to join Lugar's, and to get behind a plan such as Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) is putting forward for a federalized Iraq that is currently enjoying bipartisan support.

Maybe voters could propose a deal, if the Republicans get rid the scary Dick Cheney, the Democrats will replace Reid as majority leader. As far fetched as that may sound, Cheney is the subject of the next piece of good news.

There is a GOP plan afoot to oust Tricky Dick. In an article by Sally Quinn in WaPo, she reports that Cheney is viewed by many Republicans as toxic, dangerous and a net minus for the party going into next year's elections.

The showdown would unfold something like this.... senior Republican message carriers led by someone like Sen. Warner.... a la Barry Goldwater who went to the White House and told President Nixon he had to go.... would lay the words on Cheney.

Look for this possible move this summer when Cheney is scheduled for surgery to replace his pacemaker.... after which he may have to leave office amid much regretful fanfare.... doctor's orders don't you know.

The person being mentioned as his replacement is ex-Senator Fred Thompson. Talk about getting a leg up on positioning for the presidential race. We'll find out this summer if Cheney needs to spend more time with his family and Fred is the anointed one.

And, if you can stand it, another piece of good news. "Ex-Aides Break With Bush on 'No Child'."

Even as The Decider urged lawmakers to renew his fatally flawed No Child Left Behind program, his former aides who helped craft and implement his education initiative are speaking out against the law. One aide, Eugene Hickok, now says he always had second thoughts, and feels the lawmakers should step back and "see if there are other ways to solve the problem."

The messages are loud and clear.... The Decider's decisions stink. The Iraq war, No Child Left Behind, even his choice for Vice President have imperiled our country.

Now, if the Senate can just find the fortitude to go against their corporate masters, The Decider's immigration and North American Union schemes can be thwarted, and perhaps the country can start to limp back toward some sort of non-ideological sanity.

A final word, just to prove that nonpartianship is possible. Like Howard Kurtz, WaPo staff writer, a recent remark by the GOP stiletto-mouth, Ann Coulter on "Good Morning America" took my breath away.

Referring to The Decider, she slashed: "We're all just waiting for this nincompoop to be gone."

Amen, Ann. Amen.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Supremes Weaken Wall

The protective wall of separation between Church and State took a big hit today.... "Court Bars Suits Against Faith-Based Initiatives." (WaPo)

The Supreme Court ruled that taxpayers cannot challenge the constitutionality of the White House faith-based initiative program that helps religious groups obtain government funding for their social programs.

The decision states that "ordinary taxpayers do not have standing" to make such a challenge.

Using the type of dodge that VP Cheney is using.... that he isn't a part of the Executive Branch of government and thus isn't accountable.... the White House winning argument was that taxpayers lacked standing because the faith-based initiatives office was not specifically funded by Congress.

By this lawyerly device, the intent of the Constitutions First Amendment.... that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion".... was set aside by five of the nine Supremes because the funds come "from Executive Branch appropriations."

In the dissenting opinion of Justice David Souter, he wrote that the ruling "closes the door on these taxpayers because the Executive Branch, and not the Legislative Branch, caused their injury.... I see no basis for this distinction in either logic or precedent...."

The Decider and Tricky Dick don't need logic, precedent, the Constitution or the rule of law.... they've taken on the power of dictators, and our Congress is too timid, or too culpable, to stand up to them.

Who Likes Mike?

Ed Rollins likes Mike.

This ex-Ross Perot campaigner just can't help himself, he likes mavericks and cheers former NY mayor Bloomberg on in "Come on In, Mike. It Could Be a Wild Ride."

Changing horses from Republican to Independent has worked successfully before, but only at the state level. Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) did it in the last election after the Democratic primary voters threw him out because of his pro-Iraq war, Bush-hugging ways.

So what are Bloomberg's chances? Rollins insightfully reviews and compares other Independent candidate campaigns and decides.... "Bully for Bloomberg."

You Go Joe!

One presidential candidate has long advocated a different approach to Iraq war policy, Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del). With the elections looming, pressure is building on The Decider to look at policy options.... "Bush aides consider Iraq truce at Capitol." (LATimes)

".... some senior administration officials - including Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates and U.S. Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad - have been quietly talking with lawmakers about how to adjust policy in the months ahead. Among other ideas, they have discussed whether the United States should advocate a sharply decentralized Iraq, a notion that has seen a resurgence on Capitol Hill."

"A sharply decentralized Iraq" .... called a federal system of government.... is what Biden has been advocating. Proponents of this idea, which is favored by an unusually broad bipartisan group of senators, were brought together this month by Biden, who is the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee.

On a recent trip to Iraq, Gates reflected that "Perhaps we have gotten too focused on the central government, and not enough on the provinces and on the tribes and what is happening in those areas."

Now, we'll see if a childish Decider can climb down from his Iraq-policy hobby horse and listen to the grownups.

Don't hold your breath.

D.C.... Get Out of the Way!

Forget the immigration reform hype from corporate toady King George, Sen.Ted Kennedy who wants to please the Pope, the Democratic party trying to appease dues-hungry unions (they used to be for the working U.S. citizen) and both parties pandering for votes from La Razaites.... here's how citizens really feel.... "Illegal Immigrants Targeted By States." (WaPo)

The White House and its congressional enablers by their anti-U.S. citizen attitude have rendered themselves irrelevant.... voters know what they want and it isn't amnesty for lawbreakers. People are fed up with power-hungry D.C. agendas, so state governments are taking action.

Potomac fever and arrogance have infected our so-called leaders. Voters have a cure for that.... November 2008.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

EU Takes a Detour

The European Union still needs a constitution because the countries can't agree on a unifying structure. It's proposed constitution is the across-the-pond version of our Homeland Security Department.... "an unwieldy, bureaucratic entity run by leaders far removed from the European people." (WaPo)

But, if el Presidente Bush has his way he'll barge forward with his own unifying plan, to wed our already unworkable corporista government to the corrupted and dangerous drug-warlord land of Mexico and a Canada with attitude.... the North American Union, his legacy.

In a Rovian move, the EU leaders are making an end run around the constitution concept, and instead are offering a "treaty" to its 27 capitals. Even this treaty was resisted, so some of its symbolism was removed, such as an EU anthem. "My Countries Tis of Thee".... er "Those".... er "Them".... just didn't work.

But, the original intent is still there. The treaty sets out rules for the future enlargement of the EU.

Our el Presidente Bush is taking notes. Expect a North American Treaty in the near future.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Bush Trashes Our Inheritance

Timothy Egan makes these sad observations..... "I drove through the Gifford Pinchot National Forest on my way to climb Mount Hood, and found the place in tatters. Roads are closed, or in disrepair. Trails are washed out. The campgrounds, those that are open, are frayed and unkempt. It looks like the forestry equivalent of a neighborhood crack house." (The New York Times)

A century ago, it was the vision of president Teddy Roosevelt and his first chief of the Forest Service Gifford Pinchot, both rich men, that unlike Europe where only the lords of privilege enjoyed nature, in this country everyone could enjoy the outdoors.

Roosevelt and Pinchot stood for the every man, and against the interests of railroads, timber barons, mine owners.... and helped established our 565 million-acre birthright.

Then came The Decider.

"In the Pinchot woods, you see the George W. Bush public lands legacy. If you want to drill, or cut trees, or open a gas line - the place is yours. Most everything else has been trashed or left to bleed to death."

The national wildlife system, started by Roosevelt, has been gutted by The Decider who has systematically reduced the budget to where this year more than 200 refuges could be unstaffed.

The Bureau of Land Management was given the green light by The Decider early in his administration to allow drilling for gas and oil.... his first priority.

Forest Service policy is set by an ex-timber industry insider and the budget has been cut once again, while the Interior Department had been run by a former coal lobbyist... until he plead guilty to obstruction of justice.

For The Decider, our beautiful public lands are nothing more than assets to be exploited by his corporate buddies.... the new landlords of our government.

"Roosevelt had his place on Oyster Bay. Pinchot had a family estate in Pennsylvania. Bush has the ranch in Crawford. Only one of them has never been able to see beyond the front porch."

Friday, June 22, 2007

Classify Cheney as "Arrogant"

Make it disappear......

Is this an order from Tony Soprano to his crew? In a sense.

Same mob secrecy, same ruthless response to being crossed.... the office of Vice President Cheney "has refused to comply with an executive order governing the handling of classified information for the past four years and recently tried to abolish the office that sought to enforce those rules..." (WaPo)

In 2004, when the Archives' Information Security Oversight Office tried to conduct an on-site inspection of Cheney's office to see how sensitive material was handled, they were blocked by his crew.

This January the Archives Director, William Leonard, wrote Attorney General Gonzales asking him to render a legal ruling on whether Cheney is violating the executive order. Gonzales has not replied.

Of course not, he's too busy throwing law-enforcing border agents in prison and politicizing the Justice Department.

Under this executive order, which mandates a uniform system for safeguarding government classified information, an "entity within the executive branch that comes into possession of classified information" must report each year how much it is keeping secret.

For over six years an arrogant Cheney has kept his actions from public scrutiny.... like refusing to name the industry executives who advised his energy task force, or giving up Secret Service logs showing who visits his office or official residence.... even the costs and other details about his travel.

Snarly Cheney obviously has a lot to hide. As evidenced by the conviction for perjury and obstruction of justice by his chief lieutenant, Scooter Libby, who is probably taking the fall for Cheney's misdeeds and directions.

Maybe Cheney has forgotten that he works for us.... that he can't decide which documents to withhold from our view and knowledge.

Shine a light into Cheney's murky den.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Department of Injustice

Attorney General Gonzales's Justice Department has opted out of at least 10 whistle-blower suits against Iraq war profiteering companies. (The Boston Globe)

For example, in April, DOJ opted out of a lawsuit against heavyweight military contractor Kellogg Brown & Root and three of its subcontractors for the billing of almost 10,000 meals per day that were never served, adding up to more than $10 million in excess charges.

The whistle-blower no longer has a job.

Saint George Marches On....

Our megalomaniac president yesterday decided for us all.... Saint George vetoed legislation to expand federally funded embryonic stem cell research leading to the creation of medically useful stem cells without destroying human embryos. (WaPo)

Parading not only his monumental ignorance, but his despotic moralism, Saint George preached that Congress had sent him legislation for "the deliberate destruction of human embryos."


Actually, by Saint George's slaying of this legislation, he insures that the donated, frozen embryos at fertility clinics will now be destroyed.... denying the benefit of the most promising forms of stem cell research to millions who suffer each day.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Bag Man Cometh

"Heck of a job Nussie.... "

So impressed was The Decider with the record of former Iowa Rep. Jim Nussle's chairmanship of the House Budget Committee.... where he presided over turning a projected 10 year $5.6 trillion budget surplus into a $2.6 trillion deficit.... he picked Nussle for his new Director of the White House budget office, OMB. WaPo

Nussle's stunning rise to GOP prominence was because of the, on the bag.... er, in the bag.... well, he put a paper bag over his head when he spoke on the House floor in 1991 about "perk" abuses by the lawmakers, although prior to his speech Nussle was just one of the many members taking advantage of the franking perk.

Recognizing his gravitas regarding financial matters, Nussle's appointment as chairman of the House budget committee in 2001 was a slam dunk, and set the tone for the GOP pork barrel polka fest.

When making his announcement of his choice of Nussle as his budget point man, The Decider gushed over Nussle's dedication to fiscal conservatism.

Wonder who The Decider would consider a big spender?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

King George Decrees

Yesterday's release of a Government Accountability Office (GAO) study brings into jaw-dropping focus what President Bush meant when he crowned himself "The Decider."

His Dictatorship "decides" just which of the provisions of bills he signs into law he is going to uphold.

The GAO report found "multiple examples in which the administration has not complied with the requirements of the new statutes." WaPo

Instead King George uses, and abuses, the device of "signing statements" to challenge, and ignore, provisions of legislation passed by Congress with which he doesn't agree.

With such highhanded maneuvers he has challenged a federal ban on torture in U. S. military detention facilities, "and as recently as December, he asserted the authority to open U.S. mail without judicial warrants in a signing statement attached to a postal reform bill."

Maybe the most devious non-compliance, since it touches on public outrage over border security, was over a provision where Congress directed U.S. Customs and Border Protection to relocate its checkpoints around Tucson every seven days to improve efforts to combat illegal immigration.

Instead of following the prescribed law, the agency periodically shut down its checkpoints for short periods of time.... they said that was their understanding of the provision.... a great nose-thumbing at the law by el Presidente Bush's enforcers, Homeland Security and Attorney General Gonzales.

Just what does a signing statement do? It asserts the president's understanding of how the law should be executed.... King George waving his imperial scepter.... thus negating the crucial balance of power safeguards between the branches of government.

Hopefully the Democratically led Congress will use the nonpartisan GAO report as a basis for legal action against the White House.

But then, how will that work? If the matter makes it to the Supreme Court, King George's minions there will likely uphold his rule.

Fellow Bushwacked citizens..... the United States is in trouble.... very big trouble.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Giuliani, McCain Bail on Bales

Ho hum.... that may be the interest in the Ames, IA straw poll, an early test of GOP presidential campaigns.

Two major GOP candidates have opted out of the straw poll scheduled for August 11.... former NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Arizona Senator John McCain.

Interestingly, though not a candidate, former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich plans to attend. Hmmmmm.

The bada bing of the poll may now hang by a straw.... the champion of "going to announce soon," former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson. His participation would make the event a match between at least two GOP superstars.... former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, and Fred.

Perhaps the reason Giuliani and McCain have basically abandoned Iowa is the rush by many big states to hold their primaries right after Iowa's January 14 caucuses.... 20 plus state primaries are within 3 weeks of Iowa's caucuses.

It takes money, money, money.... and campaign organization in Iowa to successfully compete in the Ames bus-in.... I mean straw poll. In a crowded primary calendar the effort may not seem worth it.

McCain thought he didn't need Iowa in 2000, and how did that work out for him (and the nation)? We got The Decider. McCain's Straight Talk bus seems to need a map.

First impressions do count, and for many voters their first impression of a winner in the primary contests will be from Iowa's first-in-the nation results . Any GOP candidate not participating in the Iowa straw poll can expect to suffer in the caucuses.

Democrats wisely don't hold a straw beauty pageant before the caucuses, but they have to contend with a crowded primary calendar too. That is why New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson is nesting in Nevada.... their caucuses on January 19 will make them the second after Iowa on the nominating calendar.

The really disappointing new Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, elbowed his home state forward, upsetting New Hampshire, the traditional second-in-the nation state. Besides the obvious higher-profile and income payoffs for Nevada and Reid... it jump-starts the Democrats chase for the Latino vote, whose population is 23 percent in Nevada.

Richardson, unlike other Democratic candidates, can easily travel from New Mexico to Nevada, and understands the Latino population. He hopes for a slam dunk there in the presidential sweepstakes.

But, even Richardson acknowledges, "South Carolina and Nevada are players.... Iowa and New Hampshire are in a class by themselves.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

D.C.'s Mob Rule

This Father's Day many are still pondering the fate of David Chase's enigmatic father figure Tony Soprano.... Godfather, suburban father.... a welcomed distraction for reality-overloaded Americans.

Did Tony Soprano die in the fade-to-black last Sunday?

Who wants to know?

Well, not everyone. One not enamored with Tony and his family is a real mobster's widow, Victoria Gotti. "It's disgusting that people are still obsessed with Gotti and the mob. They should be obsessed with that mob in Washington. They have 3000 deaths on their hands."

Oh yes, the Washington mob isn't an ordinary bunch of gangsters. Even John Gotti's widow disdains the moral sewer of The Decider's administration. And, Tony and his crew seem like petty thieves by comparison.

Frank Rich of The New York Times brings this into focus in, "Scooter's Sopranos Go to the Mattresses."

"True, the Washington mob isn't as sexy as the Gotti or Soprano clans, but there is now a gripping nonfiction dramatization of its machinations available..... For this we can thank U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton" and, as Scooter Libby's presiding judge, for his "decision to make public the testimonials written to the court by members of the Washington establishment pleading that a criminal convicted on four felony counts be set free."

These Scooter excusers never acknowledge the undisputed fact that their hero leaked classified information about a covert C.I.A. officer.... whose husband was trying to shed light on Iraq's WMD Big Lie.... and, his lying repeatedly to mislead investigators.

Nor does there seem to be any shame in the hypocrisy of these same Scooter supporters who were a part of the baying pack relentlessly pursuing President Clinton and calling for his impeachment... over a farcical sexisode.

The Last Supper scenario in the final Sopranos was a masterful fictional ending.

The D.C. nightmare will yet live on as our soldiers still make the "ultimate sacrifice for this gang's hubristic folly."

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Stop the Amnesty Madness!

CNN evening news broadcaster Lou Dobbs' short list for the "Top 5 Dumbest Things in the Immigration Bill":

"5) Taxpayers will pay for the immigration lawyers for illegal aliens if working in agriculture."

Why should taxpayers foot the bill for defending known lawbreakers? Oh, that's right, the only people Attorney General Gonzales' DOJ don't legally protect are Border Patrol Agents like Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean who are serving long prison terms for trying to apprehend a known drug runner. Meanwhile, Gonzales continues on at full throttle with The Decider's approval, as our legal system hurls off the track.

"4) Illegal aliens would be given legal status just one day after their application is filed even if a background check is not completed."

That should work out well.... will they also get the vote immediately too?

"3) Gang members are eligible for amnesty if they renounce their gang status."

Is that the "Cross My Heart or Hope to Die" gang? No? Oh, it's the murdering, raping, robbing, drug-dealing thugs gangs. Now, that's really dumb.

"2) Borders do not have to be secure before the amnesty program begins."

Can't cut off the flow of cheap labor.... or do you still think this amnesty bill is in your best interests?

"1) $2,600,000,000,000 - That is the cost the Heritage Foundation estimates to cover the retirement benefits of 12,000,000 illegal aliens if this amnesty bill becomes law."

As budget-busting as this figure is, almost everyone agrees 12 million is much too low a number.... estimates run from 20 to 30 million illegal aliens, which would double the hit on Social Security. The Decider never liked the Social Security program anyway, so for him it's a win-win.

Heard enough? Had enough? Call, email or write your Senator today to stop this runaway, anti-U.S. citizen legislation.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Where's the National Outrage?

Thanks to elgringocolombiano for bringing "Americans Unready to Revolt, Despite Revolting Conditions" to our attention. Joel S. Hirschhorn makes a convincing, if disturbing, case for what is happening to our country. Excerpts:

"Why is there insufficient pain for revolution? This is a deadly serious issue. What is historically unique about America is that even the most oppressed and unfairly treated people are distracted by affordable materialism, entertainment, sports, gambling, and myriad other aspects of our frivolous, self-absorbed culture. Even failed school and health care systems do not drive people, paying enormous sums to fill up their SUVs, to rebellion.

"So, Americans are aware of their oppression, but the power elites have successfully drugged them with a plethora of pleasure-producing distractions sufficient to keep them under control. We are free to bitch, but too weak to revolt. The Internet has provided a release valve for some pent up anger and frustration. But it too has mostly become another source of distraction, rather than an effective tool for rebellion.....

"Even as the population has growing awareness of the dire condition of their nation, the move by the politically powerful on the right and left continues to seek a new immigration law that will solidify the selling out of America. Business interests want more of those fleeing Mexico and other nations to keep wages low.

The parallels are chilling.... we're in a Roman Empire free fall.

It's Back....!

I don't know which is worse.... Bush blackmailing the country by not protecting our southern border until we give amnesty to uncounted millions of illegal aliens, possibly 20 million or more.....

Or, the con offered to GOP Senators by The Decider's funding shell game.... under the "illegal immigrant fees raised" shell is $4.4 billion that will be used for bolstering border surveillance and workplace enforcement.

Hey Senate yokels.... what's changed? The fees were there anyway, where else would they have gone?

But, like the compliant special interests herd they have become, Senate leaders agreed last night to drag the immigration legislation back to the floor next week. Thus caving to pressure from business groups, illegal immigrant rights organizations, Roman Catholic leaders and el Presidente Bush's "let's all gather at the cantina" administration.

And, no one, least of all the White House, has yet to put an official price tag on this corporate welfare legislation which promises to run into the trillions.

No one is explaining how this new immigration scheme will be administered.

The departments of State and Homeland can't even administer their new passport requirements for travel to Canada, Mexico, Bermuda and the Caribbean.... the issuance of passports to U.S. citizens has become a huge logjam that has led thousands of travelers to alter or cancel their vacation plans.

Last week a Department of Homeland Security official said.... "individuals who have not yet applied for a passport should not expect to be accommodated."

Yes, the same folks who brought you the bloody chaos of the post-Iraq invasion, the new passport regulations fiasco, and the continuing inept response to hurricane Katrina, will now administer the bureaucratic tsunami that will wash over us with the proposed immigration scheme.

The untrustworthy are leading the uncomprehending into the unknown.

Your government at work.

Few are lobbying for the interests of U.S. citizens. So, you must tell your legislators "NO" to this costly, unworkable, and dangerous immigration bill.

A Crisis of Confidence

The most powerful attorney in the nation, Attorney General Gonzales, reviewed his version of events surrounding the dismissal of nine U.S. attorneys with a departing senior aide who would be testifying about these events.

When the aide spilled the beans about the meeting, Gonzales' defense..... "he never attempted to influence or shape the testimony or public statements of any witness," his comments to the aide "were intended only to comfort..."

This obvious attempt to coach a witness deserves much more than a "no confidence" slap on the wrist.

After all, Gonzales has already lied under oath about this.... he told the Senate Judiciary Committee in April that he had not talked to any potential witnesses about the firings.

A letter from DOJ investigators to the Senate Judiciary Committee confirms "that the scope of our investigation does include" the matter of the meeting with Gonzales aide.

Gonzales better find himself a good attorney.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Marching FOR America

The perfect audience for The Decider today. The Associated Builders and Contractors. Who better to pitch his pro-business immigration reform bill to than to those employing illegal aliens, and looking for a steady source of cheap labor.

This from the The Decider's remarks. "The number of illegal immigrants in our country has continued to grow. And illegal immigration is now supported by criminal enterprises. In other words, there are people who are preying on these folks that are coming to do work that Americans aren't doing. You've got a whole system of coyotes - those are smugglers - human smugglers taking advantage of a broken system."

Say WHAT! Doesn't The Decider feel any responsibility for his administration's failure to enforce our current laws? "These folks"?..... lawbreakers.

If we can't enforce the laws we now have, why will passing yet more laws change anything? No, The Decider has no will to enforce our laws.

There are no jobs U.S. citizens won't do if they are offered decent wages. Something corporations and this audience of fat cat builders are hoping to avoid. Taxpayers pick up the cost of the social net for the cheap labor from mainly Mexico. Corporations are profiting from this corporate welfare scheme.... of course they love the idea of millions of cheap workers.

But, some U.S. citizens have definitely caught on. Grass-roots advocates of tougher curbs on illegal aliens are rallying at the Washington Monument this week. And, I mean grass roots. The organizers are a former PTA mom from California, Melissa Gardner, and a homemaker from Texas, Suzanne Wise.

They decided to do something, "We want to take our country back from the crazy politicians who aren't listening to the citizens."

They pinpoint illegal immigration and border security as being at the heart of a constellation of concerns, from terrorism, rising crime rates and overstretched schools and hospitals, to the loss of jobs and cuts in pay, and the prevalence of Spanish on the radio, in restaurants, at job sites, even in the voting booth.

"All of this is adding up, and it's making America mad," Wise said.

Hear! Hear!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Lambert to the Slaughter

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.... and sometimes even sweet justice.

Donald McEachin upset 30-year veteran state Sen. Benjamin J. Lambert yesterday in a Democratic primary in the Richmond, Virginia area.

Lambert, a Democrat, is the politico who not only supported GOP Senator "Macaca" Allen in his race against successful Democratic challenger Jim Webb, but Lambert rode in The Decider's limo to an appearance onstage with Bush at a rally for Allen.

The now U.S. Senator Webb actively campaigned for McEachin who enthused, "Jim Webb did everything we asked him to," .... Webb appeared in advertisements and made recorded phone messages on McEachin's behalf.

Lambert said his support of Allen probably cost him his job. "I thought the Allen folks would have helped me more, but it didn't work out that way."

He thought wrong. The "Allen folks" were being true to character... none.

Bush Flops on Hill

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) summed up the reaction of GOP Senators after a Capitol luncheon meeting with The Decider who was re-selling his immigration amnesty legislation.... "It was a good give-and-take. We didn't expect anybody to stand up and holler that they had an epiphany."


If the remarks by Iowa's only GOP Senator, Charles Grassley, are a sample, it was far from an epiphany. Grassley said following the meeting that he will continue to oppose any legislation that includes amnesty, and that he "didn't think the meeting changed anybody's mind."

On Tuesday, Grassley and eight other GOP senators sent a letter to The Decider telling him to enforce the border security laws already approved by Congress, as that "is the best way to restore trust with the American people and facilitate future improvements of our immigration policy."

Grassley gets it.

So why won't The Decider just enforce current laws? Why is he so insistent on a "comprehensive" bill?

Ah, the Devil is in the details.

On page 211 of the draft immigration legislation: "Sense of Congress Regarding Partnership for Prosperity - It is the sense of Congress that the United States and Mexico should accelerate the implementation of the Partnership for Prosperity....."

This partnership was embarked upon by The Decider and Mexico's former president Fox without discussion with U.S. citizens or Congress, let alone approval. But, it's a critical cornerstone of The Decider's stealth plan for a North American Union. Obviously, he's willing to tear our national house down to hammer home this policy nail.

Hopefully, our elected representatives will continue to reject The Decider's schemes, or the voters will register their grand epiphany come November 2008!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

It's Not Bush Bashing

Those of us who vehemently criticize The Decider and his administration are accused by far-right, even moderate, Republicans of hating Bush.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

What we do feel is love for our country.

And, dismay at the shambles this administration has made of everything from our rule of law under Attorney General Gonzales to the demise of our moral standing in the world as the Bush administration systematically destroys our national soul.... the hard-won concept of justice and human rights.

Those of us who love our country cannot stand by mute as The Decider dismantles our nation's fundamental values and basic character. While he conducts his crusades like the basest despot, turning the world's after-9/11 sympathetic face from us, fueling an explosion of anti-American sentiment and terrorists.

Oh yes, The Decider has been fighting hard, and even today is still fighting hard.... for the "rights" of illegal aliens who invaded our country and now expect, nay demand, citizenship and the social-net benefits that brings.

Most of these millions of illegal aliens are from Mexico. The Mexico that The Decider is going to build a NAFTA super- highway through, right into the heart of our nation.

How about a reality check on Mexico, our unchecked border and the already planned unchecked expressway into our country's heart. The Dallas News reported yesterday that a drug cartel gang, more an army, called the "Zetas" is "spreading its brand of brutal violence into 31 Mexican states as it battles for control of new regions and key border entry points, U.S. and Mexican authorities say."

These are highly trained military deserters who murder for control... at least six law enforcement officials in Ciudad Juarez across from El Paso in the last two weeks alone..... and have targeted other areas in Mexico such as Acapulco, Monterrey and Veracruz... even Dallas, Texas.

This now 2,000-member paramilitary organization, according to Mexico's Attorney General Mora, are in control of several regions of Mexico. The Zetas have been "taking control of several of our police forces, corrupting them.... They're taking our police away," said Mora.

And, if The Decider has his way, all of this violence and corruption will have a superhighway into our heartland.

It's inexcusable for the person sworn to protect and uphold the Constitution of the United States and to protect its citizens, President Bush, to throw his full efforts into bringing this lawlessness, and illegal alien lawbreakers, into our midst as though they were vacationers from Disneyworld.

That's why it's so sad that the vote of no-confidence in his legal enabler, Attorney General Gonzales, was stifled by most GOP lawmakers yesterday in a Cloture Motion with the help of their friends such as pseudo-Independent Senator Joe Lieberman (CT) and "Not Voting" presidential candidates Joe Biden (D-DE), Chris Dodd (D-CT), Barack Obama (D-IL), Sam Brownbeck (R-KS), John McCain (R-AZ).

To their credit, however, seven Republicans did throw their support toward the vote, they are Norm Coleman (MN), Susan Collins (ME), Chuck Hagel (NE), Gordon Smith (OR), Olympia Snowe (ME), Arlen Specter (PA), John Sununu (NH).

So, until The Decider shows us through his actions that he loves our country.... wants to preserve our country, and puts the needs of his countrymen first.... don't expect any "Hero of Albania" gushing from those of us who do love our United States of America.

Monday, June 11, 2007

For Whom the Bill Tolls

The Decider vowed today to "do all he can" to revive his immigration plan for amnesty for illegal aliens. He said he will lobby Senate Republicans to revisit the bill, and call on the Democratic leadership to deliver.

Bush's pet initiative was stalled last week by a vote on cloture, which is a way to end debate and amendments and vote on a bill. If debate continues, or cloture is defeated, then Senators don't have to take a stand, but just keep debating. A way for the Republicans to avoid The Decider's woodshed.

It is instructive to see just who among the Republicans voted for closure, or to end the debate by bringing it to a vote, which is akin to throwing the immigration hot potato into the Senate's unwilling lap.... Lindsey Graham (SC), Chuck Hagel (NE), Richard Lugar (IN), Mel Martinez (FL), John McCain (AZ), Arlen Specter (PA), George Voinovich (OH).

These seven so-called representatives of U.S. citizens want this behind-closed-doors corporate-pleasing bill. Their hand was stayed by "No" voting GOP Senators, and a few Democrats.

Who among the Democrats had the courage to stand against their Senate majority leader, Harry Reid (NV) and political Godfather, Ted Kennedy (MA)? To vote "No" to avoid bringing to a vote this flawed, costly and nation-rending legislation.

Legislation the U.S. electorate has been loudly proclaiming they don't want.

These 11 oath-upholding Democratic Senators are.... Max Baucus (MT), Jeff Bingaman (NM), Barbara Boxer (CA), Robert Byrd (WV), Byron Dorgan (ND), Mary Landrieu (LA), Claire McCaskill (MO), Mark Pryor (AR), Jay Rockefeller (WV), Jon Tester (MT), Jim Webb (VA).

Not surprisingly, the Bush-hugging "Independent" Senator Joe Lieberman (CT) voted for closure, while the truly Independent Bernard Sanders (VT) voted against the Cloture Motion.

It takes sixty votes to stop debate and bring a bill to a vote, or sixty "Yes" votes. Even with the might of The Decider, corporate interests, the Catholic church, labor unions, and the powerful lobbies for the up to 20 million illegal aliens all applying pressure, the vote was just 45 "Yes" and 50 "No."

So, Reid pulled the bill, knowing full well that it wasn't going anywhere. The vote to defeat the Cloture Motion had been a resounding defeat.

But Bush didn't hear, or care to hear. He vows to ram this bill through the Senate. Which really takes a lot of gall because in the same press conference he dismissed as meaningless a planned Senate vote of no-confidence for his disgraced and ineffectual Attorney General Gonzales.

The Senate has just shown their votes aren't meaningless.

What is meaningless is the leadership of both parties who tried to force this dangerous bill upon U.S. taxpayers.... Bush, McCain, Reid, Kennedy.... all bent on pleasing special interests.

The defeat of this Closure Motion has actually rendered them meaningless.

The country impatiently awaits new leadership. November 2008.