Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Second Roundup

The showdown at DC corral didn't amount to much. The Democratically-led Congress huffed and puffed and then The Decider blew down their Iraq-funding-bill-with-a-timeline house.

Now, they're all at the White House bar for a second try, shooting high fives as the Democrats offer to withdraw the timeline demand.... while our troops continue to die in Iraq's unwinnable war.... and, our hand-picked president of Afghanistan declares his government can "no longer accept" civilian casualties caused by U.S.-led operations.

This motley bunch of executive and legislative cowboys all wear black hats. Bush is getting what he wants, a blank check for continuing his war, while the Democrats have shown they are really hollow vessels.... without the courage or the will to accomplish what the nation demanded in the last election.

The time has never been riper for a U.S.-first third party.... with a sheriff who will bring law and order back to our leadership-forsaken country.

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elgringocolombiano said...

Truth Hunter, thx for the comment drop on my blog.

Forgive me from inadvertently copying your blogspot web design!

I have a post on my thoughts on Giuliani & McCain, perhaps you could read it & give me your thoughts. I'm interested in your opinion, as maybe I'm missing something in my view.

BTW, on my blog I use labels, such that one could for instance view the politics-related posts & ignore the other posts on various topics.

Keep up the good work with your blog!