Saturday, May 05, 2007

Queen For A May Day

Dick Cheney, the Prince of Darkness, welcomed Queen Elizabeth II to Jamestown, Virginia yesterday so the Queen could help celebrate the 400th anniversary of the first permanent English settlement in the New World.

Consider this.... Gates was put in charge of quelling the insurgents. He viewed the devastation they wrought, finding safety only in their own fortification. With his forces depleted and under constant attack, Gates finally decides to abandon the place.... but reinforcements arrive and a major attack is launched against the insurgent stronghold. The insurgent leader and the leader's children are captured and executed.

No, I'm not off subject, this isn't Iraq, this is Jamestown three years after James I of England's fleet arrived in May of 1607 and built a fort at Jamestown.

Sir Thomas Gates was acting as Virginia's first governor. The insurgents of course were the native Indians who were fighting what they viewed as the invaders and occupiers of their land. The insurgent leader, perhaps ironically, was the Queen of Paspahegy Indian village who was executed along with her children, the village burned and the crops destroyed.

But I have digressed.... back to the Jamestown 400th anniversary celebration fairytale.

With a wave of her gloved hand at her might-have-been subjects, Queen Elizabeth pretends Jamestown was England's finest moment in the New World, and Prince Cheney pretends the debacle in Iraq is his and King George's greatest legacy.

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