Sunday, May 20, 2007

"Macaca's" Odor Lingers in Virginia

Connecticut has a "red" Democrat, Sen. Joe Lieberman.... a Bush-hugging, pro-Iraq war, fair-weather-friend to his party.

Well, Virginia also has its "red" Democrat, state Sen. Benjamin Lambert (Richmond).... a Sen. "Macaca" Allen supporter who showed up on the same stage with George Bush in 2004 supporting Republican incumbent Allen against the eventually victorious Democrat James Webb.

And, U.S. Senator Webb isn't about to forget it.

Since Lambert is black, his appearance with Allen and Bush was to show the voters how cozy Allen was with minorities.... but their eyes, and the you-are-there truth-telling of YouTube, unveiled the racist underbelly of Allen, and the straight-talking Webb won the election.

Fast forward to the upcoming elections.... Webb is now supporting Lambert's challenger in the primaries, Democrat Del. Donald McEachin (Richmond), whose decision to run for the Virginia state senate was influenced by Lambert's traitorous actions.

To his shame, Lambert didn't just show up on the stage with Bush and Allen, he rode in Bush's limousine to get there.... Lambert says it was to lobby for $500 million in federal funds for historically black colleges. Thus, showing his willingness to embrace The Deceiver and upset the chance for the Democrats to regain control of the U. S. Senate.... for a promise of pork.

The Democratic primary is June 12, and all 140 Virginia Senate and House seats are up for election this fall. A primary loss by Lambert would send the message, "No fraternizing with the enemy, one Lieberman in a party is enough".... and polish Webb's already sterling resume.

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