Saturday, May 19, 2007

How Low Can Gonzales Go?

Eugene Robinson reviews the skulduggery of our Attorney General in "Gonzales's Signature Moment," and Gonzales' brazen efforts to confront his predecessor on his sickbed, trying to browbeat him into signing a shady legal opinion on domestic surveillance.

It will remain an indelible stain on the White House and Gonzales that he has been the willing tool for The Decider and his Dark Prince in their assault on our Constitution. There really is no sacred wall they haven't breached.... be it the one shielding the law from politics, dividing church and state, or defining the balance of power normally shared by the executive, judicial and legislative.

We also have Gonzales to thank, undoubtedly carrying out White House marching orders, for not enforcing our immigration laws, and for going after border patrol agents trying to do their job.

It's becoming chillingly clearer each day, the Bush administration has no scruples, morals or even common decency, and Attorney General Gonzales is their willing enforcer.

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