Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Congress: Courage!

Who will finally stand up to King George and his megalomaniacal schemes?

When lawmakers, usually liberal Democrats, disagree with him on the Iraq war, they're tarred as unAmerican, unpatriotic, even as supporting the terrorists. And, most back down, or worse, support his failed policy.

Now, Bush is aiming his verbal fire toward his own conservative legislators. In a speech Tuesday he accused those who oppose the pending bill on comprehensive immigration reform, of "playing politics" with "empty political rhetoric" and not wanting to do "what's right for America."

Wow! What's right for America!.... we haven't heard that from his imperial lips for a long time.

El Presidente usually reserves his concern for the illegal alien lawbreakers, not for the displaced, underpaid, shuffled-aside U.S. worker and our disappearing middle class.... and certainly not for our brave troops giving up life and limb for his failed war of choice.

Now the question becomes, will GOP conservative and moderate Democratic Senators fold and once again do not what is best for America, but what King George wants for his North American grand design.

Bush said previously that he needs to get an immigration bill on his desk by August, supposedly before the presidential campaign heats up. More likely, the August date is a must because in September the country will hear about the plan for North American integration from the CSIS. (See "Bush Legacy: North American Union ")

Two major concerns about this far-reaching piece of amnesty legislation. If we can't enforce our existing immigration laws, or secure our borders nearly six years after 9/11, why should we trust that this bill will do the job?

And, just how much will this legislation cost? And how will we pay for it? Mortgage more of our nation with more borrowing from nations like China? Just how much deficit can we stand before our financial house implodes?

A recent study by The Heritage Foundation shows that in 2004 low-skilled illegal immigrant households cost taxpayers $89 billion. And, with this proposed legislation, unfunded retirement costs for illegal aliens given amnesty will be an bank-breaking $2.3 trillion.

In effect, this boondoggle immigration legislation is a big corporate welfare program. Cheap labor.... taxpayers pick up the social costs

Will our lawmakers show courage.... bucking King George, the legions of corporate and illegal alien lobbyists, even the Catholic church which has inserted itself into our lawmaking process.... or, will the next sound we hear be U.S. taxpayers being flushed down the drain once again.


criticalthinker said...

I'm sorry to say but people like you are doing our country a diservice by spreading propaganda against immigrants in order to create fear among the American people. It takes courage to be a leader Thanks to God for president Bush and others in the senate for their courage and wisdom. its people like you who claim to be christians but at the same time dont practice it. You are full of hate, anger and prejudice against a class of people. That is wrong even in the eyes of God its purely wrong. The 12 million or so have been in this country for long period of time, most of them have clean records and also American born children. So deep in your heart you and your fellow anti immigrants want to see these people thrown out of the country, tell us if that is not pure hate and racism. But you are not gonna be successful to scare the American people this time because Americans are smarter than that, all you guys need to do is find something useful to do instead of spending all your time bashing immigrants!

elgringocolombiano said...

^nice oxymoron "critical thinker". Most of your reply is a straight ad-homiem attack on Truth Thinker.

Also to infer that Gee Dubbz Bush is some model Christian is also very laughable, as the guy admitted that the ultra-rich (300K+ at least) is "his political base", he's always shafting the American poor & middle class. In foreign affairs, it's shoot first, ask questions later.

Anways, the immigration issue is complex. In my view it's corporate welfare for the big employers. But make your viewpoint known with logic, not ad hominem attacks

Anonymous said...

I think people who are against immigrants staying here in this country only to help it out are stupid racist and supporters of hitler becuase is basiclly the same shit, what's going on today is racisms against innocent people who are trying to live the american dream and all they want to do is work legally and they want is the same rights as any american with a social..all they want is freedom to do anything they want like drive without having the fear of getting pulled over becuase they don't have a licenced and etc.. Illegal Immigrants just want the same rights and I think it is unfair for them to get kick out of this country..