Monday, May 14, 2007

Can't Take Wolfowitz to The Bank

Some people have a moral blind spot so big you could drive a war, or the World Bank through it.

Paul Wolfowitz manipulated intelligence to support The Decider's mandate to create the rationale for the invasion of Iraq.... and when his pivotal role in the Big Lie was exposed, in 2005 Wolfowitz was quickly shuttled off to the World Bank as its CEO.

Well, you can take White House away from Wolfowitz's stink, but you can't take the stink away from Wolfowitz. He brought his foul ethics with him.

Overpaying his girlfriend at the World Bank was just the tipping point.

As Sebastian Mallaby observes, "Wolfowitz has lost the confidence of the bank's shareholders, borrowers and staff.... including the support of those who initially welcomed him despite his record on Iraq. He has brought about the collapse in the World Bank's external prestige and internal morale..."

When Wolfowitz called his staff together recently to try to make nice, they booed and called for him to resign.

Wolfowitz's brought his ethical odor with him, part of the stench emanating from the moral black hole of The Decider's administration that has soiled our external prestige, internal morale and national honor.

This Wednesday the World Bank's board will decide if Wolfowitz goes or stays.

If he goes, look for The Decider to award him with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.... joining the administration's rogues' gallery of moral blindmen.

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Anonymous said...

You have given an interesting and right-on-the-mark characterization of Wolfowitz... his shabby ethics, poor judgment and thinking he shouldn't be held accountable for misdeeds....just as he was known to us when he was in the Bush administration. I hope he will be looking for other work soon.