Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bush Legacy: North American Union

Miss Japan was crowned Miss Universe 2007 yesterday in Mexico City cheered on by the Mexican audience.

It was quite a different reception for Miss USA, Rachel Smith.... the Mexico City audience booed her during her interview and several audience members chanted "Mexico! Mexico!" until she spoke to them in Spanish.

This is the reality of our new "partnership" with Mexico. They don't like us.

This is important because we're about to give the store away to Mexico and their illegal aliens flooding our country in the millions, making their demands while withholding their allegiance.

The new comprehensive immigration reform legislation currently being debated in the Senate says on page 211:

"The Partnership for Prosperity is a bilateral initiative launched jointly by the President of the United States and the President of Mexico in 2001, which aims to boost the social and economic standards of Mexican citizens...

"Sense of Congress Regarding Partnership for Prosperity - It is the sense of Congress that the United States and Mexico should accelerate the implementation of the Partnership for Prosperity to help generate economic growth and improve the standard of living in Mexico...."

And, we're booed in Mexico.

So, just exactly what is the Partnership for Prosperity? Don't just look at the government's "scrubbed" website, or the border-erasing Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP), look instead at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) advising the Bush administration.

CSIS objectives are spelled out in "North American Future 2025 Project." The first paragraph of their report.... "The results of the study will enable policymakers to make sound, strategic, long-range policy decisions about North America, with an emphasis on regional integration."

In their project description they boldly state: "In order to strengthen the capacity of Canadian, U.S. and Mexican administration officials and that of their respective legislatures to analyze, comprehend, and anticipate North American integration, the CSIS North American Project proposes to carry out a series of seven closed-door roundtables sessions."

Integration. Closed-door. Typical Bush administration stealth planning.

Just when will United States citizens "officially" hear about the "integration" plan. Not just bits and pieces of planning and legislation on immigration, trucking corridors, border security......

"The final deliverable will be a report on options and policy recommendations on the future of North American integration that will be presented in September 2007 to the executive and legislative branches of the three governments of North America."

That's right.

That's why there has been no real effort by the administration on border security. That is why the push to "legalize" the millions of mostly Mexican and South American illegal aliens. Because we are "integrating" anyway.... and corporations want the cheap labor now.

Remember, many Mexicans don't like us. And, many Mexican illegal aliens, unlike immigrants before them, don't want to assimilate into the United States. They want to keep their language, culture and loyalty to Mexico. To reconquer our southwest for Mexico. The race..... La Raza.... the northern Aztlan.

The disdain for the United States, the booing, isn't aimed just at Miss USA.

In Guadalajara, Mexico during the Olympic qualifying games, the crowd of 60,000 jeered the USA team and chanted "Osama, Osama, Osama. A sporting event can be quite competitive, but chanting Osama takes it to a whole different level of in-your-face.

Or, the common booing of our national anthem at sporting events in Mexico. Marching in the United States waving their Mexican flag.

But, The Decider has decided.

The wheels are in motion, the North American Union. His legacy.

The immigration legislation currently being debated is just another Bush nail in the U.S. sovereignty coffin.


elgringocolombiano said...

Why don't any American politicians talk about developing the countries of Americas? Why is it not important for countries like Mexico, Jamaica, Haiti, Colombia, etc to develop? Why does the USA care more about China & India than their own neighbors? How come none of these lame Presidential candidates, including latino Bill Richardson, make this issue a priority?

I think the US should criminalize the employers of illegal immigrants, while at the same time promoting the development of the Western Hemisphere countries. Rich Euros like the UK/GER are investing in poor Euros like Latvia. Hell even China, not fully rich yet, is developing Africa.

With Mexicans one also has to consider the US history via Mexico. The Native Americans in the Southwest were in what is now the US before anyone else was. Those people are ancestors of modern-day Mexicans, on both sides of the US/MEX border. Since then the US behavior towards MEX or the other Americas countries has never been "in good faith". I'm not saying that justifies A FEW Mexicans cheering for Osama, but one should consider the whole picture.

If the US had a good-faith policy to our W. Hemisphere neighbors, & didn't try to promote Corporate Welfare for US MNCs at the expense of poor Americas countries, that would change many "hearts & minds".

After all, culturally the US has more in common with its neighbor Americas, than any other world region, including Europe, & definitely Asia. Many USAns love burritos, "Cinco de Mayo", Bob Marley, or salsa music. Many non-USA "Americasans" love baseball, McDonalds, & Hollywood.

Anonymous said...

grigocolombiano, the term "Americas" is incorrect. America is a continent, not a country. Colombians, dominicans, cubans, canadians, etc, are AMERICAN. We can't change the history.