Wednesday, March 07, 2007

"From Russia With Love...."

Last week, just four days after Paul Joyal, a 53-year-old expert on Russian intelligence, appeared on NBC's "Dateline" alleging that Putin was involved in the fatal polonium-210 poisoning of former KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko. Joyal was shot in the groin by two men as he exited his car in his Prince George County, MD driveway.

The men immediately fled. Although the WaPo had reported that unnamed law enforcement said that Joyal's wallet and briefcase were taken, thus giving the shooting the appearance of a robbery, his wife and son have denied that his wallet was taken, showing the billfold to reporters, and his briefcase has been accounted for.

Another participant in the "Dateline" show recently died from a heart attack in London.

The FBI is "looking into the shooting." Joyal is still in critical condition although the doctors are now "cautiously optimistic" that he will recover.

Is this "random shooting" more Putin's KGB-sharpened tentacles reaching out to stifle dissent?.... IN OUR COUNTRY!

The silencing of Putin's critics is old news in Russia.

Last Friday Moscow journalist Ivan Safronov plunged to his death from his apartment building.... he was working on a story about Russian plans to sell weapons to Iran and Syria via Belarus. A subject which would greatly upset the U.S. and Israel.

Safronov had traveled to the United Arab Emirates arms fair last month where he called his editors from Abu Dhabi to confirm rumors that Russia planned to sell S-300 missiles to Iran and Su-30 fighter jets to Syria.

Upon his return, Safronov told colleagues he also had learned about Russia's plans to provide Syria with Iskander missiles, MiG-29 fighter jets and Pantsyr-S1 air defense systems. The Iskander has a range of 175 miles and would give Syria the capability to strike targets in Israel with very high precision.

Russian authorities are calling Safronov's death a suicide.

Independent analyst Pavel Felgenhauer, who knew Safronov and met with him shortly before his death, said "It's quite probable that such deals have been signed, and it's also probable that he [Safronov] was killed because of that."

He said a Russian military affairs officer was brutally beaten by Russian military intelligence agents several years ago over his report on arms sales. "I also feel scared since I'm writing about similar subjects," Felgenhauer said.

Safronov's death comes amid a rash of attacks on Russian journalists who write about official corruption, Chechnya and other abuses.... "13 journalists have been killed in contract-style murders since Putin took office in 2000."

A dazzled Bush looked into Putin's soul and proclaimed he was a man Bush could trust.... just what did he see to admire in this ruthless and dangerous authoritarian.

The Cold War arms race is on again, only this time our enemies are much more dangerous. And our government.... Condi the Clueless, Congress the Confused, Bush the Unready.... seem unable, or unwilling, to confront reality.


Diana said...

I like that you are concerned of how your country is evolving. Communism seems to be better in some ways. Same with romania. I admire people like you.

Truth Hunter said...

Diana, Thank you for your kind comments.

The beauty of our democracy, or republic, is that I am able to freely express myself without fear of reprisals.

Unfortunately, it appears that the people of Russia don't have the same freedom under Putin.

You can be very proud that your country has thrown off the repression of communism and is now a welcome member of NATO and the EU.