Saturday, March 31, 2007

Ill Winds....

When a country "legalizes" and codifies the use of torture, the rule-of-law flies out the window along with a country's moral bearings.

We have Attorney General Gonzales to thank for this abomination, he wrote the torture guidelines memo for The Decider.

Because of these expanded-use of torture guidelines, confessions can reasonably be denied, as in the case of an al-Qaeda "Detainee Alleges Abuse in CIA Prison."

Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, who was in CIA custody for more than four years, alleged before a military tribunal on March 14 that his American captors tortured him into making false confessions about terrorist attacks in the Middle East.

The torture of detainees, aside from being despicable morally, not only makes such confessions suspect, it opens the door for similar harsh treatment of our, and our allies, captured soldiers.

The "confessions" of the 15 British sailors currently being held by Iran is a sad case in point. The confessions are not believable, but the worry is, how were they obtained. And, will they be used against them in a show trial.

In the continuing standoff, Iran is turning up the heat after initially promising to release the lone female captive and then reneging on that promise.... "Iranian Official: Sailors May Be Tried."

It is the agenda of President Bush that has brought us to this tit-for-tat pass .... by using the law as a political tool. Attorney General Gonzales is the instrument this administration uses to pervert the law and moral conduct to fit their agenda..... and, it's more than just the torture memo.

Just ask the 8 U.S. Attorneys who were fired for political reasons, many during investigations of which the White House disapproved.

Just ask the two border patrol agents who are facing long prison terms for going after a drug smuggler while that drug smuggler not only received the protection of our law, but goes free.

Bush's Attorney General excuses lawbreaking, drug-pushing and violent Latino illegal immigrant gangs as "individuals who have run into a spell of tough luck." (CNN)

Actually, is our country's legal system and moral code that have run into a spell of tough luck.... a fetid gale of corruption that blew in with the Bush administration and lay waste to our moral authority. The world will reap the whirlwind.

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