Wednesday, March 14, 2007

El Presidente Bush Bombs

As a citizen of our once-respected United States, it's hard to read about The Decider's recent tour of countries south of the border, it wasn't exactly a victory lap.

"As with stops in Brazil, Uruguay and Columbia, Bush's visit was cause for protest among people angry about his policies... at Iximche, Mayan priests said they planned to 'purify' the ruin after Bush left, to get rid of any 'bad spirits' he might have left behind." (WaPo) Probably the first ever presidential-visit exorcism.

Or, take his visit with the president of Mexico.... "Calderon Admonishes Bush on Thorny Issues."

Calderon "chided" our president... suggesting instead of building a wall to solve our U.S.-Mexico border problems we can better "stop the migration by building a kilometer of highway in Michoacan or Zacatecas than 10 kilometers of walls in the border."

These highways help us with border security how? And, oil-rich Mexico isn't building them because?.....

So, did our "Don't Mess With Texas" president tell Calderon that we have a right to protect our borders to keep illegal aliens, mostly from his Mexico, from overrunning our country, destroying our middle class, gutting our social programs and bringing lawlessness to an all time high where they have settled?

No.... The Decider said, "My pledge to you and your government--- but, more importantly to the people of Mexico---- is I will work as hard as I possibly can to pass comprehensive immigration reform" Comprehensive immigration reform (amnesty) that his OWN people of the United States don't want.... and he is going to work as hard as he can for it!
Speaking of Bush and work.... evidently The Decider finally found his niche in life. At a joint press conference with Guatemala's President Oscar Berger, Bush said about the joys of CAFTA and his visit to a lettuce operation in the small village of Chirijury.... "It was really, really fun.... it was one of the great experiences of my presidency.... I got to pack some lettuce.... The President [Berger] and I were hauling boxes of lettuce, we were putting them on a truck."

Finally, a job he can handle.

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