Thursday, March 08, 2007

And So It Goes....

This may be the best news of the year so far.... "Senate Republicans Deliver Sharp Criticism of Gonzales"..... with Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA) even suggesting that Attorney General "Gonzales's status as the nation's leading law enforcement officer might not last through the remainder of President Bush's term."

But then maybe not. Specter's modus operandi is dragging out a GOP Trojan Horse, loudly proclaiming a popular position in the town square, and then quietly letting the GOP malefactors loose to continue their stealthy dismantling of our country

And, don't you feel there is something supremely unsatisfying about the conviction of Scooter... lying and obstruction of justice in the Plame-Wilson-yellow-cake leak investigation .... what about Cheney and his neocons lying the country into war?

But, perhaps the best result emerging from Libby's perjury conviction is best summed up: "
What Has Happened to Dick Cheney?" The fact that Libby was Cheney's closest adviser adds another cloud to the gathering storm of speculation.... "Is the vice president losing his influence, or perhaps his mind?"

The one on the assent as Cheney's political teeter-toter sinks seems to be Sec. of State Condi Rice.... the Bush administration is making a sharp jump toward diplomacy abroad, even (gasp) talking to other nations.

The Decider's part in this new diplomacy front.... "
Bush Embarks on Longest Trip to Latin America." Perhaps trying to dispel the devilish label that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez pinned on him last year at the U.N., he and Laura are winging their way to Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Guatemala and Mexico this week "to bring a message of hope, a message that says we care about the human condition....".

Or, maybe he is just escaping the D.C. political turmoil and starting the customary presidential lame duck world tour. Whatever.

The Decider needs new horizons, he's already muddied the pond of hope and care for the human condition in this country.

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