Thursday, February 08, 2007

A Travesty of Justice

Border agents arresting and detaining drug smugglers and illegal aliens, many of whom end up serving prison time, are no different than other officers of the law. Placing them in prison with the type of criminals they have apprehended is life threatening.

That is just one reason why it is outrageous that two border agents, Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean, were each given over a decade prison sentence for trying to apprehend a drug smuggler who was trying to elude them in a van loaded with marijuana. Ramos has already been attacked and beaten in his Mississippi prison.

Yes, the agents lied about shooting at and hitting the smuggler in the buttocks. In the heat of the chase they were trying to guard the border.... doing their job. They tried to avoid the paperwork surrounding such a shooting, so they let it go. And that has cost them dearly. Too dearly. The drug smuggler was given immunity to testify against them, and after a later apprehension for smuggling an even larger amount of drugs across the border, was again given immunity.

Rep. John Culberson (D-TX) said Ramos and Compean "may not have followed proper procedures following the shooting, which at most should have resulted in their suspension from the force, but not criminal procedure." (WaPo)

So, just who is this zealous U.S. prosecutor.... Johnny Sutton. Sutton was then-Texas-governor George W. Bush's Criminal Justice Policy Director from 1995-2000 advising Bush on all criminal justice issues.

Bush has been implored by many in his own party to grant pardons, but has claimed he didn't know enough about the case and has thus far refused pardons. If you believe that, there is a brick from our border fence I want to sell you.

This is Bush's so-called justice, blindfold firmly in place. It was his boy who ran the agents to ground and made sure they are facing stiff prison time.

Bush seems determined to keep our borders open even if it leads to aiding and abetting drug smugglers and terrorists.... part of his perverted vision for a North American Union. Justice be damned.

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