Monday, January 22, 2007

Say "No!" to Corporate Fascism

No one is surprised.... "Confidence in Bush Leadership Continues to Drop, Poll Finds."

The electorate is dismayed over the brave new corporate fascist state The Decider and his surly Chairman-of-the-Board Cheney have foisted upon them.

They have asked these questions.....

Who benefited from the war in Iraq? The military-industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned us about.

Who benefited from the new drug program? The insurance and pharmaceutical companies.

Who benefited from porous borders and the invasion of illegal aliens? Corporations who want cheap labor.

Who has benefited from outsourcing of jobs and manufacturing? Corporations.

And they'll hear yet more corporatism.... The Decider's new plan for health insurance in his State of the Union speech Tuesday. " Bush Seeks Shift in Health Coverage,"....a "tax break" for those who purchase their own medical insurance and a tax on workers who receive high-priced health-care plans (worth more than $15,000 annually) from employers.

According to the White House, the plan "is consistent with the president's idea of increasing access to health insurance through the private market while encouraging people to be most cost-conscious as they purchase medical-care coverage."

No "gold-plated" plans for the peons like The Decider has, basic care is good enough for his subjects.

Who will benefit from the proposed health coverage shift?

Insurance companies as workers are pushed into buying private coverage with less benefits....and less risk exposure for the insurance provider. And of course corporations that will no longer have to pay for health insurance for their employees.

How can the electorate stop the slide into corporate fascism?

Congress must step up!

No more Bush corporate boondoggles ..... "Just say no!"

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Anonymous said...

"Who has benefited from outsourcing of jobs and manufacturing? "

I'll tell you who, the American Public. The large, flat screen TV's that we all enjoy? Made affordable because they manufacturing was outsourced. If you truly disagree with outsourcing, then you'll show your support buy buying only American made goods. And if no TV's are made in America, you won't buy one.