Thursday, January 11, 2007

Nothing New More or Less

It's no surprise really..... "Poll: Most Americans Opposed to Bush's Iraq Plan," otherwise known as the tattered "stay the course or else" plan.

The Iraq Study Group got a big nose thumbing, U.S. commanders disagreeing with the Decider's military escalation of the war were shown the door and replaced by saluting yes-men.

But, as the poll shows, the public may not be so easy to dismiss, and members of Congress are nipping at Bush's heels, threatening some muscle-flexing to oppose his "surge."

Last night, a wooden President unemotionally delivered his death-sentence for many more brave troops, even warning that the year ahead would be "bloody."

The only time he perked up was when pitching his neo-conservative impossible dream of using more military power to turn the killing-fields of Iraq into a regional model of western-style democracy.

By killing lots more Iraqis, The Decider argues, the centuries-hardened tribal and religious jihadists will throw down their arms and rush to McDonalds. Did he watch the hanging of Saddam?

We're in the same place we were in before The Decider's speech, only now 21,500 more U.S. lives will be directly in harms way.

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