Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Joe Stubs His Toe

Joe, Joe, Joe..... we expected more.

"Democrat Biden Enters Presidential Race"... with a whimper. "I'm running" Sen. Joseph Biden (D-DL) told the press, and is filing the required formal papers today. His claim to presidential fame rests on his ideas on how to resolve the war in Iraq.

But, every presidential-wanna-be and legislative grandstander has now jumped on that train, and regardless of his early outspoken criticism of The Decider's handling of the war, Biden now finds himself in the media-buzz caboose.

A visit to his campaign Web site (which wouldn't let me out, don't you just hate that) was a disappointment. Of all the issues he highlights, there is no mention of our unsecured borders or the illegal alien problem, or even his views on immigration per se.

Having heard him speak to these issues in the past, one can only draw the conclusion that these are hot potatoes he's now not willing to handle.

Too bad.

He missed a chance for a bold statement on a thorny problem.

Unless he can address these issues manifestly bearing on the sovereignty of our country, he'll just be another empty Iraq float in the campaign parade.

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