Monday, January 15, 2007

Chicken Hawks Sqawk

Like winter-starved sparrows pouncing on June bugs, the righty talking heads flew into full dudgeon at Sen. Barbara Boxer's pointing out to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice that neither of them would "pay a particular price" in Iraq because they didn't have children of military age.

Neither of them have "The Lives on the Line," of their family members.... a barbed reminder by Boxer that those making the decisions to go, stay and escalate, escalate, escalate the war in Iraq are armchair hawks.

The spin over Boxer's statement spewing from the wingnuts and the White House propagandist-in-chief Tony Snow was framed as.... "a great leap backward for feminism,".... and, as Rice whined.... "I thought it was okay to be single."

Do they really think the "Way Forward"-jaded electorate can't see their obvious obfuscation? .

As Fred Hiatt points out in his editorial in the WaPo.... "It matters that we not allow the troops to serve only as props and political fodder - that we keep in our minds the real people in Iraq and Afghanistan....."

Boxer is picking at the scab of the Bush administration's Iraq war policy because it's a fact that those who have experienced war.... like Rice's predecessor Colin Powell, or WWII Allied Commander President Eisenhower.... know the ugliness of war and are loathe to rush troops into combat as a foreign policy centerpiece.

On the other hand, neither The Decider nor snarly puppeteer Cheney (or their children) have experienced the hell of war, .... nor has Rice tasted the horror she so marmishly sloganeers about.

The only thing taking a "great leap backward" with the newest troop "surge" is an Iraq policy in touch with the real lives and the real cost of The Decider's war of choice.

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