Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Another Iraqi Terrorist Video

We see the grainy scene of ski-hooded men, taunting the about-to-be-killed focus of their venom.... another Iraqi terrorist video?

No, the execution of Saddam Hussein.

It must be said, Saddam rose to the occasion. Brutal and gangsterish in life, Saddam was strong and dignified facing death. The new U.S.-backed Iraq government was shown to be brutal and gangsterish, dispensing "justice" with a furtive hand.

"Official Held in Saddam Hanging Video Probe,".... a security guard, a conveniently lower-level scapegoat.

The deputy prosecutor in Saddam's trial who witnessed the hanging said he watched two official observers using their cellphones to record the execution, but observed no guards doing so. We may never really know.

But who made the video it is really beside the point. We now see how the execution went forward.

We are now forced to face the reality that our brave troops are laying down their lives for a regime that is no better, or closer, to ruling in a civilized manner than the one we threw out.

We hung the man with his finger in the factional-dike... and in effect handed most of Iraq to a much more dangerous Iran.

And, with the chaotically medieval hanging of a stiff-upper-lipped Saddam, the Iraqi government created a legend and a heroic focus for the warring tribal and religious factions in the region.

Bring our troops home.

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