Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Where's the Will?

Most point the finger of fault for our free-flowing Bush administration blunder in Iraq on a lack of will to subdue speedily and with massive force the insurgents and warring tribal and religious factions.... instead allowing chaos to build and build until it is now an unwieldy, and probably "unwinnable," deadly morass.... whatever winning is since there are no benchmarks to measure victory.

The same lack of will to secure our porous border with Mexico is allowing the illegal alien invasion to fester and grow into an overwhelming social, cultural and fiscal disaster for our nation state, while almost insuring terrorists a free pass into our homeland to do their deadly worst.

In "DHS Plan for 'Virtual' Border Fence Still Has Gaps," it is reported that "A Bush administration plan to build a 'virtual' fence along the Mexico border will cost $7.6 billion and be completed by 2011, but the government lacks clear benchmarks for success, according to a report to Congress by the Department of Homeland Security." (WaPo)

The DHS has a "goal" of controlling 345 miles of the 1,993-mile-border by the end of 2007, but admits there is no way to really judge "control."

Sound familiar? There is no will to secure the border, no way to benchmark progress, no "can do" spirit in the administration to get the job done.

However, the NAFTA super-highway from Mexico across the U.S. is already under way, there is a will to do this in the Bush administration.... The Decider wants a North American "community" and Congressional debate or the will of the people be damned.

Bush in just six years has forced his megalomanic ideology onto his increasingly dangerous world, and is dismantling our very nation.... right before our eyes.

Congress.... an outraged nation wants the runaway Bush dictates stopped and governing to commence. Do you have the will?

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Anonymous said...

Well said. We now have a country run by big corporations all in the name of competition and profit with no concern for responsibility.