Monday, November 13, 2006

Paging Solomon

The illegal alien problem in the U.S. is akin to the Iraq war, neither have easy or all-satisfying answers. So, it is good that "Democrats May Proceed With Caution on Immigration, Explosive Issue Not A Top Priority For Incoming Leaders."

Wisely, the soon-to-be in charge Democratic leaders did not include the issue on their list of immediate priorities.

The resolution to an issue this complex will take deliberate, Solomon-like wisdom. To love this country enough to reject split-the-baby resolutions like the flawed immigration reform laws of 1986 and 1996.

Will the illegal aliens think about the good of the country? No, they have already shown their disdain for our foundational rule of law. The citizens of the United States? They have the good of their country at heart and reject the idea of rewarding law breakers. A good that illegal aliens still emotionally, financially and culturally tethered to their native countries lack.

The resolution must not harm the country, and should be decided for those who are the owners of its heritage, the citizens of the United States. The wisdom to guide the country to this resolution must come from our leaders.

Is this The Decider? His "amnesty" mind-set blinders are firmly in place, doing the bidding of his corporate raiders. So, the Solomon throne rests on the Hill.

The first thing that MUST happen, secure the borders to stem the illegal alien tide. This is a move that will be welcomed and celebrated..... except of course for drug dealers, criminals and terrorists. A swift move in this direction will bring calm. Only then can the issue of the illegal aliens already in the country be humanely addressed.

In the meantime, "lame-duck" employers taking advantage of the situation need to feel the heel of the law on their necks. If Attorney General Gonzales isn't doing his job and enforcing the law, the Hill will now be able to bring him to account.

This is a historic chance for the Democrats to get it right. To listen to their citizens and act wisely. Soon-to-be Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.... the future of your and our grandchildren depend on it.

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crazybroken said...

You are stuck in the past now our borders are being invaded the president is an idiot and wars are being started because of religion and thats the way it will remain because america is now the world's waste land