Monday, November 06, 2006

The Magic is Gone

The bewitching hours.... the last chance for each Party to cast a spell over voters before "turnout" Tuesday.

"Campaigns Implore the Party Faithful To Bring Their Loyalty to the Polls." While Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) and Bill Clinton spin their magic for the faithful, The Decider wanders the backroads of political relevancy, a pariah in his own time, but never in his own mind.

The GOP Merlins tout their special magic trick, their get-out-the-vote machine. Problem is, reaching voters isn't the same as mobilizing them. To crank up their much vaunted machine, in Ohio the GOP had to recruit.... "door-knockers from a temp agency for $12 an hour." (WaPo)

What? No enthused Republican volunteers?

And, while Bush got a "raucous" reception at his "Victory in the Heartland" rally in the very red Grand Island, Nebraska, he couldn't fill the hall.

Today in Florida, Bush will be the Great Wizard at a rally for Charlie Crist (R-FL), only Crist won't be there, he backed out and will be campaigning elsewhere.

But, "Hanging Chad" Harris (R-FL) will be there clutching at Bush's tattered coattails.... why not, with polls showing her in the twenties, what has she got to lose?

As Tuesday approaches, perhaps the apology of the adulterous meth-using pastor Ted Haggard also applies to the Bush-cast spell on the electorate.... "the darkness increased and finally dominated me."

The electorate can lift the Bush administration's dominating curse and emerge from The Decider's Congressional-enabled darkness.....

November 7. VOTE!

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