Thursday, November 09, 2006

Lame Duck Chases Off Hawk

What took The Decider so long to rid us of Rumsfeld? ("A Meek Departure From the War Cabinet," WaPo).

For over three years many had advised the "my way or the highway" Bush to do so.... Powell, Hadley, Rice, Card and many highly-regarded retired Generals. Why did it take a "thumping" election loss to prod Bush into action?

Because, by showing Rummy the door The Decider would have to admit that serious mistakes were made in the conduct of his Iraq war.

Only after the electorate rubbed his face in their outrage.... the WE WANT A NEW DIRECTION election.... did The Decider finally throw a heel-nipping Rummy under the bus.

It is now left to Daddy Bush and advisers from his administration, most notably Brent Scrowcroft and James Baker, to try to clean up the Iraq mess made by Georgie's finger-painting foreign adventures.

Three years of bloody carnage later Rummy is history.... his "Medal of Freedom" awaits.

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