Friday, November 10, 2006

Kiss, Kiss

After keeping the Congressional Democrats in the deep freeze for six years, the big thaw is on. "Bush Meets With Pelosi; Both Vow Cooperation."

Just what is behind all of this making nice.

For Bush it's simple, his last two years in office he wants to avoid the big "I'.... he's interested in his legacy, his place in history unmarred with impeachment hearings. Now he has his reassurance.

But ever devious, (and for his losing GOP, selfish) by waiting until the "day after" to give Rummy the boot, he sucked the oxygen out of the Democrats moment of glory. Pure Rovian.

And, by meeting with the winning Democratic leaders of both Houses Bush put on a public show of listening to the people. Responding to the "action" election.

But this Bush show will undoubtedly close soon after opening night in January when the Democrats take the legislative reins.

Remember, The Decider unsheathed his dormant veto pen for the first time to stop federal funding for stem cell research. The new Democratic Senate and House will "quickly challenge Bush on stem cell research." But his moralizing ideology is too ingrained.... his vision of the world put right by The Decider.... to recognize the humanitarian. His "my way or the highway" thermostat will plunge to Arctic.

While there may be some common ground on legislation.... a higher minimum wage (a no-brainer).... immigration (though if the Dems go along with amnesty they automatically negate their election gains and worse).... and education (Dems must refocus on public education and reverse "teaching for the test").... the devil is in the details, and collisions are inevitable.

Worse for the Bush administration, the GOP rob-the-piggy-bank era is over. Pelosi has promised that Democrats will "act immediately to reinstate lapsed budget rules, which mandate that any new tax cuts or spending increases be paid for with equal spending cuts or tax hikes. That would all but shut the door on Bush's main economic priority, making his first-term tax cuts permanent." (WaPo)

And, while there won't be impeachment hearings, the Hallilburtons of the world better take cover. Congressional oversight will be reinstated.

It's going to get frosty again in D.C......

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Nima said...

Dear Nancy...

Congratulation! I am happy because of your political success.
Sorry for not answering your previous nice comment. I read it exactly but had not enough time to answer... thanks any way...