Friday, November 17, 2006

It's All About ME!

After their "thumping," the GOP Congress promised to get some things done in their lame fat-cat session before they hand the legislative milk bowl to the Democrats.

Don't hold your breath.

It's all about the "process," about THEM, not about you or the country's problems.

"McCain Prepares for '08 Bid With Appeal to Right." BIG NEWS! McCain is running for President. Pleeeeeze.... he's been running since 1999, at first as the anti-Christian-right knight, charging around on his Straight Talk bus. Then, after a Christian-right tar and feathering, he is now courting that very same "do-what-we-say-not-what-we-do" base.... like Rev. Jerry "Winky Dinky is Gay" Falwell.... his detoured bus now a honking-for-Jesus confessional.

In the few weeks before the Democrats take over his Senate, this does what for the electorate?

McCain's straight talk has devolved into the babble of "Debate Grows Over Beefing Up U.S. Force in Iraq, Military Leaders Oppose McCain's Push for Thousands of Additional Troops." Just like the GOP unfunded spending habits, McCain doesn't say where he'll get these thousands of additional troops. Send our National Guard back for their umteenth tour?.... or maybe he'll call on our mall and school crossing guards. But hey, he has to say something, he wants to be your president.

The electorate was promised everything and delivered nothing, they're tired of the constant political beat.... ME, ME, ME!

Our kingdom for an "America first" doer!

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