Wednesday, November 08, 2006

History-Making Election

The election of November 7, 2006 is now history, and made some history too.

The voters saw past the "only the GOP can keep you safe from terrorism" tactics, the smutty commercials, the babbling purveyors-of-the-politics-of-personal-destruction talking heads, the push polls. The electorate's message.... no more stay the deadly, corrupt, bankrupting course, WE WANT CHANGE!

As of this moment, the "Democrats Take House," and lead in the last two Senate races, giving them a one-vote edge.... and a majority of state Governors are in their camp too.

My home state of Iowa made an almost clean Democratic sweep..... Governor, majority in legislature and a shift in the U.S. House from one Democrat and four Republicans to three Democrats and two Republicans. Proving the "baby with the bath water" truism, anti-war moderate, "gentleman" Rep. Jim Leach (R) was thrown out of office. The Democrats are now in the tractor seat in this former GOP stronghold.... history making.

The winds of change blew through neighboring Kansas too.... Democrat Kathleen Sebelius took the Governor's race, bringing with her former Republican Mark Parkinson as her Lt. Governor. Another GOP cross-over to the Democratic party, Paul Morrison, won his Attorney General race. And Democrat Nancy Boda defeated incumbent Jim Ryun for the U.S. House 12th District seat. The very conservative Kansas is turning its sunflower face to the sun of moderation... history making.

Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is the probable new Speaker of the House. This blog has been hard on her, especially when she was throwing the "I" word around. Impeachment proceedings against The Decider, as gratifying as that would be, would divert the House from the many issues needing desperate attention. Impeachment proceedings and hearings are not what the electorate wants, they want action, they want their problems addressed.... NOW!

Happily, it seems Pelosi has listened to the mood of the country. The misconduct she is going to immediately address is lobbyist and other corruption in the House, the minimum wage, drug costs. She has already extended an olive branch to The Decider, wants to work in a bi-partisan way.

Not only can Pelosi make history as the first female Speaker, she can write history by presiding over a "do something for the middle-class and the country" House.

While the race is still up in the air, it appears that president-wanna be Sen. "Macaca" Allen misjudged his Virginia audience and will ride into the sunset of his political career, the miscast cowboy.

It also appears that Abramoff-tainted Sen. Conrad Burns (R-MT) can now retire to the "Big Sky" having avoided the "Big House" but not the odor of corruption.

Voters, you've done your job.... now your political representatives need to do theirs!


Anonymous said...

Read My Lips... We Are Going to Get What We Deserve From The Midterm Elections!

The votes are in -- and the Democrats are claiming that the results are a referendum on a failed Iraq policy and an evil administration full of nitwits and sluggards. Mark my words -- We, as a nation, are going to reap what we have sown in this election.

The mere fact that Nancy Pelosi will become the Speaker of the House is extremely dangerous for anyone who doesn't consider "conservative" a vulgar word. Pelosi's intent is to radically force the darkest aspects of the gay agenda on America, along with the continued and uninterrupted murder of millions of unborn children (through abortion, partial-birth abortion, the morning after pill and embryonic stem cell research) and open borders where all aliens, criminals and derelicts can easily enter the US. Groups like NARAL, NOW, NAMBLA, HRC, the NEA, Planned Parenthood and Americans for Democratic Action (ADA) must be peeing their pants with excitement over the Democrats win last night.

Pelosi will also likely push for trumped-up impeachment charges against George Bush, as well as criminal prosecution of Donald Rumsfeld. She is secretly, but definitely, trying to work her left-wing liberalism into the White House, where she can openly promote her nazi-esk feminism to Americans.

Barring some scandal that runs her out of office, Nancy Pelosi alone will set into motion events that will hurt this country for generations to come. Add to the mix, the likes of Howard Dean, Charlie Rangel, Hilary Clinton, John Murtha and other far-left extremists. It hurts my heart to know that the mass media accomplished its goal.

Conservatives should be ashamed for not showing up at the polls and voting their beliefs and values. We will indeed reap what we have sown.

BlueStateWarrior said...

Great recap, Truth Hunter, the people have definitely spoken!

Charlie -- keep looking out for those black helicopters, buddy. They're coming to take you away!