Sunday, November 05, 2006

Derail the Bums

Random thoughts..... Far-right conservative talking head Sean Hannity encourages Democrats to "stay home on Election Day" because their vote "won't change who occupies the White House." Bush will still be president..... true, but a Democratic Congress will be able to apply the brakes to his administration's run-away-train policies.

And, while our election has become a consuming national fetish, Nicaragua's Marxist revolutionary, Daniel Ortega.... "Old U.S. Adversary Poised for Comeback"..... may succeed in today's election in Nicaragua. While the Bush administration fanatically focuses on Iraq, our own backyard is becoming increasingly dangerous.

And, while we all applaud the comeuppance for the murderous Saddam.... "Hussein Sentenced to Hang for Crimes Against Iraqis".... the sentence increases Iraq's boiling-point sectarian divisions. Saddam Sunnis protested shouting "We will avenge you Saddam."

While "Shites Praise, Sunnis Protest Verdict," our brave troops tread water in the deadly Iraq cauldron, hamstrung by their Demander-In-Chief's flatfooted policies.

And, recently Bush even reaffirmed his support for "Dead-end Don" and "Snarly Dick" Cheney.... "I'm pleased with the progress we're making" in Iraq.... Rumsfeld is doing a "fantastic" job.

Wow, another Katrina "Brownie you're doing a heck of a job" moment!

We can change things... we can put our country back on track....

November 7.... VOTE!

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